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25 Mar

Today… Facebook is allowed in class

Usually in a classroom teachers would tell their students to stay off Facebook but today Morah Gail has come up with somewhat of an unconventional assignment. In her 6th grade class they have been studying the biblical figure of Joshua for quite some time and to wrap it up, she has assigned each student to create a Facebook Profile for him. This is done through a website called Classtools.net where there is an option to create a Facebook page about any person, although on the website it is called ‘Fakebook.’


At Ezra Academy integrating students with technology is one of our key goals. We understand that to prepare our students best for the future we must expose them with the tools that they will be surrounded by later in life. Morah Gail proudly had this to say about why she has given this assignment. “ I wanted to find a way for them to really use material we covered and to really concretize it for them. If they have the opportunity to customize the information I have taught it will help to engrain it for each student.


For these profiles the students filled out all of the Fakebook description options, there was family relations, an about section, photos, and of course status updates, along with many others. One of the statuses by 6th grader Jamie Trishkoff was “Today, I lead the Israelites into battle, and fought the Amalekites. Hur and Aaron held up moshes ands for a victory. Now I’m so tired from that rough battle.” The 6th grade students created these Fakebook pages on their Ezra Academy provided computers, and at the end of the day they can go home and show their parents what work they have done in class.

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