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20 Apr

Pesach was full of lots of excitement, crafts, and costumes! We had a wonderful few days before the first seder and upon returning we have gotten back into the school routine! The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn!

In Math, the Kindergartners have completed their money unit. We are now discussing place value. They have been asked to represent numbers with manipulatives and a place value chart. Upon our return from vacation, the entire Keshet class gathered together for a place value lesson and games. Even Mrs. Ravski came to join us for the fun!
In Language Arts/Reading, different groups are continuing to concentrate on different concepts.  While one group is focusing on cause and effect while reading  a fictional story about the moon, another is reading about Laws for kids and concentrating on the same skill. The third group read a book about clouds and focused on the main idea and important details. 
In Spelling, the first graders have completed their spelling book program. Upon the return of Pesach break, they had a quiz that focused on many of the “special words for writing” that they had ben introduced to. They, along with the Kindergarten students have also been exposed to the months of the year. 
Judaics covered an extremely important yet sensitive topic this week. you Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. We spoke with the children very briefly and simplistically about this day. Then each child created a butterfly as a symbol of remembrance and hope and wrote about what they are hopeful for. 
The children have really been expanding their Writing/Grammar skills. They now know and understand when to use upper case letters. The beginning of a sentence, days or the week, months of the year, special names and titles, names of places and the word I. Kindergartners have been exposed to these concepts and are encouraged to use them correctly. First graders have learned and practices these concepts and are not expected to use them correctly within their writing. The class has taken the time to write about what they were most looking forward to for Pesach, what their Pesach plans were, and what they did on their break. After the break, they took the time to think and write about remembrance and hope, in honor of Yom Hashoah
Upon our return from break, we picked right up with our Science/solar system unit. This week we learned about Mercury. The class learned that it is the closest planet to the sun, with virtually no atmosphere and it is because of this that here is no wind, rain or clouds on the planet. In the sun the temperature reaches up to 800 degrees F and in the shade -300 degrees F. Due to these intense temperatures no life can survive on the planet. The children also learned about the structure of the planet (crust, mantle, and core). If you were to ask a Keshet student how long it takes for Mercury to travel around the sun they would tell you 88 days! They would also tell you that one earth day is equivalent to 59 Mercury days. After learning all of these interesting facts, as well as who Mercury was named after, their favorite piece of information was the fact that if they weighed 60 pounds on earth they would only be 18 pounds on Mercury! At the end of the week, the children created a 3 dimensional Mercury to go along with the moon and sun that was created earlier. 
 in Computer class Morah Betty is helping the children create an “All About Me” book. 
The WACKY WEDNESDAY prior to Pesach was so much fun, with children and teachers dressing lie characters from the story. Upon our return to school we celebrated Wacky Wednesday with polka dot day! ( although I must say, it looks as though we were all suffering from the 6th plague 
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