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26 Feb


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The Keshet class has been very busy these past two weeks! Even though we only had 3 days last week they were 3 days full of learning and absolutely AMAZING behaviors!!!!

Secular with Morah Beth…

This week, our center activities consisted of the All About Me books, for Writer’s Workshop. Children are continuing to develop their chapters that provide the reader a variety of information about themselves. With each page comes a beautifully detailed illustration. Each child also worked in a phonics based center. Workbooks and phonics based activities were used to help the development of specific skills and the reading process. Children also worked out of their phonics books. With repetition and consistency the children are really developing a strong foundation for letters,sounds, and consonant blends. After a short time of using their books they were able to move onto the iPads to work on the Starfall app that also develops these skills. (www.starfall.com) . Morah Limor also took the children to continue their parsha scroll.

For “reader’s workshop“, Morah Limor worked with the Kindergarten students on Hebrew, the first graders rotated through the different stations. Guided reading station with Morah Beth, read to self station, in which children quietly read a book, on their level, independently. They also spent time at the read to someone station, where 2 children took turns reading to each other. Skills that were focused on were…sequencing, main idea, details and fact versus opinion. The next day while Morah Limor worked Hebrew with the first grade. The tables are pushed together and the children work in a large group setting, all participating and talking through the skills being focused on. During this time the kindergarten children work through their reading and skills process. Because we are in the midst of Black History Month the children have been reading about influential African American people throughout history. Throughout these readings, children focused on details, major events, and the KWL chart. (what I know, want to know, and learned). Through the reading of some of these books we also spoke of the Author’s purpose. Vocabulary like inform, entertain, and persuade were discussed and children are asked to think about this with other books they read.

In this weeks math lesson the first grade has been learning about word problems and how to solve for “more than” and less than”. They also completed the unit on graphing which completed the first book in their math program!!!!

Kindergarten children worked on simple addition to ten. Through the use of manipulatives and cut-outs they were able to create a variety of number equations that all shared the sum of 10. Kindergartners have also been introduced to the 10 frame and place value. They know there is a difference between the tens place and the ones place.

This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words ” president, honest, and fair “. The children were given the words and asked to write two complete sentences, (uppercase, punctuation, and a complete thought in between). I also tried a “question of the day” I saw something cute and Facebook, and decided to try it with the class. The question of the day was, “What do you think your  your teachers do when they are not at school? 🙂 After writing their were asked to illustrate one or both sentences.

Spelling and sight words Last week’s spelling words focus on mixed vowel review, while this week’s focused on the long /e/ sound. 1st graders were given activities in their spelling books as well as hands on homework activities. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.

In Writer’s Workshop each child has been working on their All About Me Book. Once the Table of Contents was completed the children were able to look at their chapters and begin focusing on each one. Children are learning to incorporate detail and write as though the reader knows nothing about the topic. We call this informative writing.

This weeks Open Circle lesson focused on practicing the steps that will help solve a problem. These steps correspond to the traffic light signal. Red-STOP, Yellow – think, Green – Go. We talked about the red light steps. Before we are able to solve a problem we need to CALM DOWN. We can take deep breaths, count to ten, walk to a quiet place or ask an adult for help. The next step is to use our words and the “I feel ” sentence. Tell what we are feeling and why will help identify the problem and get us on the right track to finding a solution. Next week we will talk about how to implement the yellow light. The brainstorming process to find solutions to the problem.

In Social Studies, the Keshet class has been learning about Black History Month. They have already learned a great deal about MLK JR. so these past two weeks we have talked about, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Barack Obama, George Washington Carver,Thurgood Marshall, and even the Underground Railroad. The children had the opportunity to read book (or be read to) about these amazing individuals and they were then asked how they would have felt being in their situation. Many children expressed their surprise at what some of these people experienced and we talked a great deal about OUR expectations for how we treat people. The children are beginning to understand that if the people of the past did not fight against racism, we may not have some of the things and leaders that we do today.

The science unit continues with the Invention Convention, and children are feverishly working on their amazing creations! We have been talking about the different steps necessary to come up with an invention of their own, such as; thinking of a problem, choosing a problem to fix, thinking of a variety of solutions, describing and illustrating their solution, listing the supplies necessary, making modifications, illustrating and then piecing their invention together. I am so proud of the effort each child has shown thus far and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

On Friday we celebrated WEAR PINK DAY to show that we STAND AGAINST BULLYING!!!!

Judaics with Morah Limor…
Last  week’s Parsha was Parashat Tetzaveh from the book of Shemot. In the Parasha we learned that Moses and Aaron came from the tribe of Levi. G-d picked Aaron and his sons to be the Kohanim and lead the services in the Mishkan. In the Mishkan, a bright light would burn forever so it would be lit at all times. The light came from a lamp that burned the best olive oil (Shemen) and lasted  from one night to the next.

The Kohein Gadol will wore a special robe with fringes, an apron, a breastplate with 12 stones and a special hat with gold headband.

The Kohanim took care of the Mishekan. The Mishekan was a special place where B’nai Israel prayed and felt close to G-d.

Shabbat table Question?

  1. Why do you think G-d wanted B’nai Israel to have a Misehkan,?
  2. when you go to services at your synagogue, who lead the service?
  3. Does your synagogue have a Menorah, Ner Tamid, holy ark, Israeli/american Flag?

Ki Tissa –

In this weeks Parasha G-d tells Moses to count how many people are now in Israel’s family.

A man named Bezalel is made the head artist. He was in charge of building the Mishekan. In the giving the details of how to build the Mishkan G-d remind B’nai Israel that NO work can be done on Shabbat.

Moses has been gone for a long time on top of Mt. Sinai. The people are afraid that he will not come back and they ask Aaron to find them a new leader. Aaron in effort to gain time ask all the man to bring theirs wives and children gold.

Aaron builds a golden calf. When Moses comes down the mountain carrying the two tablets with the Ten Commandments written on them, he sees the people worshiping the idol. He gets very angry and smashes the Tablets of the Ten Commandments. He burns the Golden Calf and forces the Israelite to make up for what they have done wrong.

G-d orders Moses to go back to Mt. Sinai and carve the Ten Commandments on NEW TABLETS.

Shabbat table questions/talk:

The Israelite’s knew that worshiping was wrong. Still when Moses was gone for a long time they ask Aaron to find them a new leader and they built the Golden Calf. Why did the Israelite do something when they know it was wrong?

We ended the week with a lovely Kabbalat Shabbat with the Ilanot class. The children heard the story Hillel Takes a Bath, lit the candles, said the brachot over grape juice and challah and sand songs. It was a wonderful display of ruach and gave the Ilanot class an opportunity to be the leaders and guide the younger children.



Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!!!!

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