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02 Dec

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and long weekend! We began our week with a very special presentation by Noa Segal, (a cousin of our very own Michal S.) She served in the Air Force as a medic in the elite Special Unit 669 which is tasked with search and rescue. Noa informed us that her town was significantly damaged due to the recent fires in Israel. She is actually headed back home as we speak.

If you wish to make a donation in honor of Noa, we suggest the following charities to support the firefighters in Israel,



In Open Circle we are continuing to focus on cooperation, Double D behaviors, the “I Feel” sentence, SLL, and using the Solution Station. Children are encouraged to embrace any feeling they have while teachers, support them, acknowledge their feelings, remind them of classroom expectations, breakdown why their choice may not have been the most appropriate and, explain the benefit of making a more appropriate choice.  This is a new method that we (the teachers across the board at Ezra) have been using, We urge you to support this system by using it at home as well. Please refer to the example that was sent home in your child’s folder. The most recent lesson discussed focused on teasing. Children were asked if they knew what teasing was and then a Barenstein Bear’s story was read to help them completely comprehend the seriousness of it.  It was explained that if teasing persists, it is considered a destructive behavior and appropriate consequences will be implemented.

In Social Studies we completed the Thanksgiving unit. Children shared what the favorite part of Thanksgiving is, as well as some of the things they are thankful for.

We also began our science unit on the Human Body. This year we will be focusing on the muscles (muscular) and bones (skeletal) in the body, as well as how our blood (circulatory) flows throughout our bodies. We began by learning about or muscles. Ask your children what the difference between expanding and contracting muscles are? You can also ask them about smooth muscles (muscles that work involuntarily) and cardiac muscles (muscles that make the heart pump). There are over 650 muscles in your child’s little bodies and their jaw muscle is the strongest of all of these!

Hebrew vocabulary continues to flow freely throughout the classroom. In addition to the previously mentioned vocabulary (body parts, left/right, run, walk, etc..) Things 2 have been given their 4th spelling list. Their new words are…

previous words are as follows…

Year     שָׁנָה   good      טוֹב    me   אֲנִי    Say    אָמַר    Life    חַיִּים   Shofar   שׁוֹפָר   Apple   תַּפּוּחַ  honey  דְּבַשׁ   eat    אָכַל   water    מַיִם   water    שָׁטַף   drink   שָׁתָה   write   כָּתַב      sentence  מִשְׁפָּט   happy   שָׂמֵחַ   baby fish    דָּגִיג   fish     דָּג    ice cream  גְּלִידָה   teacher    מוֹרֶה    child     יֶלֶד soup  מָרָק house  בַּיִת; grass  דֶּשֶׁא; shirt  חֻלְצָה ; squirrel   סְנָאִי ; painting  ציור ; Israel   יִשְׂרָאֵל; love  אָהַב ; kippah  כיפה ; clown  לֵיצָן    create    ברא   sky    שָׁמַיִם   earth   אֶרֶץ    light   אוֹר   darkness  חֹשֶׁךְ no   לֹא   can  יָכֹל   pants   מִכְנָסַיִם    notebook  מַחְבֶּרֶת   wear  לָבַשׁ   fruit  פְּרִי    red   אָדֹם   hair   אָדֹם   tomato   עַגְבָנִיָּה letters    אוֹת     lions   אַרְיֵה     there and here    שם    Alphabet    אָלֶפְבֵּית    flag   דֶּגֶל cake   עוּגָה    small   קָטָן    big   גָּדוֹל    movie  סֶרֶט   you   אַתָּה, אַתְּ

New  words…

band-aid    פְּלַסְטֶר  heart   לֵב   eye   עַיִן   ear/s   אֹזֶן   see  רָאָה

Reading groups are consisted of a rotation where children each had the opportunity to listen to a story online, read in a group with me, and work independently on decoding and the specific skill that went along with their story. This week children heard Carla’s Sandwich and created their own sandwich of positive personal traits. Other reading groups included a focus on main idea and details.

This weeks sight words (things 1) included play and me. While Spelling words (things 2) focused on /cl/, /sl/, and /fl/

Things 2 are also learning about parts of speech. A review of nouns, verbs and pronouns have continued, as well as, contractions and compound words. A new unit on when and how to use the words we, us, them, and they correctly.

This week in math the Things 1 group have been introduced to 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, cube, rectangular prism, cylinder, cone, and sphere. Children were  shown how the three dimensional shapes can be stacked, rolled, or slid. Hand-on activities helped support this learning through the use of tangrams and pattern blocks.

Things 2 learned about ordinal numbers and naming positions. (1st, last, third, etc…) They also learned about counting and comparing numbers to 20. Math vocabulary included the words  greater, smaller, greatest, smallest.  Ask your children when they would use the word greater vs. greatest, or smaller vs. smallest?

Last week’s parsha: Hayyei Sarah.  We watched the godcast.  We read “Rivka” and “A Little Girl Named Rivkah” and “Sammy Spider’s First Day of School.  We did our role play, including the characters: Avraham, Sarah, God, Yitzchak, Ephron, Rivka, the 10 Camels, The Subtitlist, Eliezer, and the Angel.  We sang “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison as Eliezer searched for the right person using his binoculars; Rivka fell off her camel when she saw the handsome Yitzhak; and then we sang Od Yishama and Siman Tov veMazel Tov to Yitzhak and Rivka.

Parsha Vocabulary words:

well   באר   draw   שָׁאַב   cave   מְעָרָה   to run   רָץ   field  שָׂדֶה

This week’s parsha: Toldot.  We watched the godcast.  We read the books: Jacob and Esau, About Twins, and Franklin Fibs.

We did our role play, including the characters: Yitchak, Rivka, Yakov, Esau, and God, and including a large pot for lentil stew, including: carrots, lentils, soup mix, onions, garlic, pepper, salt, tomato sauce, etc.    Yakov (the bookworm and scholar) wore a fancy (fake) fur to pretend he was Esau, the hunter; and carried the garlic powder for the correct scent as a hunter in order to trick his father, Yitzhak.  He was trying to ensure his rights as the firstborn in order to get the inheritance.  His regular scent was more…cinnamonny.

Parsha Vocabulary Words:

lentils  עֲדָשָׁה    to hunt  צָד    dew  טַל     to bless  בֵּרֵךְ      neck  צַוָּאר

Shabbat Shalom

Beth and Miriam 🙂

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