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30 Oct

A busy week, filled with learning, fun, special visits, and performances!!! Monday was so much fun with a special visit from Bubby (Morah Beth’s mom) and Ali Avi Nugget (Bubby’s new puppy) The class really got a kick out of petting his soft little body and watching him run around like a new puppies do! Wednesday ….The day we had been waiting for, the day we had practiced so long and hard for….HASHEM SHELI!!!!! The class did such an amazing job, and we were so proud of them!
Circle time consisted of Days of the week, months or the year, date, days of school, and colors in both English and Hebrew. On Monday morning the class was introduced to this week’s Parsha, Vayera. Avraham sat at the front of his tent waiting to welcome guests to his home. We talked about hospitality and how badly Avraham wanted to open his home to others. God finally saw this and sent three angels dressed as men. Ask your children what were the special jobs of the angels? (heal Avraham; tell Sarah she would have a son; to ask Avraham the way to the city of Sodom) The children have also learned why Sarah laughed at the angel. (because she thought she was too old to have a son.) Ask your children why God decided to destroy the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? (They were the two most wicked cities.) Why was Avraham upset? (He believed that there were good people left and didn’t want them destroyed) When Lot was told t leave the city what instructions was he given? (Not to turn around). What happened to Lot’s wife and why/ (She turned into a pillar of salt because she turned to see the destruction.)
Our center activities consisted of English Reading and Hebrew Reading with written activities to follow. This week because we are learning about the desert this week we had some hands on desert activities. There was a desert collage where the children were able to look at photos of the desert and use torn paper, pencils, and other materials to create their desert collage. The cactus activity was created by the children tracing their hand. They then used tissue paper for the color and broken toothpicks to create the prickly feeling of a cactus. Then they added sand to create a desert picture. Upon the completion of their artwork, children were then asked to write about why they would or would not like to live in the desert. The final group of children worked with dictionaries. They were each given a paper with a list of letters, and they had to use the dictionary to find words that were new to them. After writing down the words, they chose 5 of them and made sentences with them.
In this weeks math lesson the first grade are continuing to work on methods of subtraction. They have been using the counting back strategy as well as number bonds. Kindergarten are using a variety of manipulatives to develop there one-to-one correspondence as well as a strong number sense. 
This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on ” When To Tell A Responsible Adult”  As a review ,we stared out by asking the children to share an experience when they were able to cooperate with a friend. I then asked if anyone knew what “tattling” was. We discussed that tattling was telling an adult when you think something is wrong OR something you don’t like. We then made a list of some things that we don’t like and have told teachers about. The children were then told that the most important behaviors that all teachers/grown-ups must know about are the “dangerous” and “destructive” ones. We talked about and defined the difference between and gave examples of dangerous and destructive behaviors.We now refer to these behaviors as “Double D behaviors”. Children are all encouraged to talk to their friend if they are upset with the AS LONG AS IT IS NOT A DOUBLE D BEHAVIOR.
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on /nt/ and /mp/ words. Children use a variety of games and activities to help remember the spelling of these words. Kindergarten students are learning about word families, through pictures, matching, and sentence building.
In Language Arts this week we focused on the genre of the stories. Each group read a different story in the LA (Trophies) program. While some groups concentrated on non-fiction, others talked about fiction and realistic fiction. Each group also talked about The plot versus the details of a story, in addition to characters and setting 
In this week’s Science lesson, we learned about the desert. We were able to connect to Parshat Vayera, because Avraham lived in the desert. We used our science unit to become a bit more familiar with the environment Avraham was accustomed to. On Tuesday afternoon we gathered as a large group and talked about the climate of the desert. What can live there? Plants? Animals? People? We then created a “desert terrarium”. Children filled the base of the terrarium with pebbles and then layered on sand. We studied about “succulent plants” and their needs in order for survival before adding them to the sand. Please be sure to come check out our beautiful desert terrarium in the classroom, and ask the children about what they have learned!
For this week’s Judaic craft, the class made a Kiddush cup. The children first learned about the brachah. They then decorated their cups with lots of color and beauty to atch their candle holders. We also had the chance to taste fresh grape juice made from Morah Beth’s juicer. 
NEXT WEEK  there will be no WACKY WEDNESDAY due to the Yitzchak Rabin Ceremony. 
Please check out this weeks photos and the slideshow with the music for the songs 🙂
Shabbat Shalom!!!!


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