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20 Oct

This was a busy exciting week for me. I cannot tell you how happy I was to have the love and support of all of your children! Wednesday’s Blood drive was a success and my first ever Ezra Torah reading was that as well! Imagine how I felt upon returning to the classroom, to be seated in the center of the carpet, with children singing and dancing around me! 
Morning Meeting:  
Once again, we had a lovely Calendar Helper by the name of Cordelia! Cordelia helped us with the Days of the Week, Months of the Year, complete days (using day, month, date, and year). Cordelia also helped us count the days we have been in school by 10s, 5s, and 2s!!!! This week we took the number of days we have been in school and added in one, more, one less, ten more, and ten less. Our Weather tallies are growing showing the sunny, cloudy, and rainy days we have had since the beginning of the year! After Cordelia helped with all of this with me, she then helped Morah Miriam do it all in Hebrew! Todah Raba Cordelia!
Open Circle:
This week in Open Circle we talked about the importance of Non-verbal signals. Non-verbal signals are used for needs such as bathroom, questions, etc… Non-Verbal signals can also be used by teachers. Perhaps we will need a student to wait a moment, lower their voice volume, or to be quiet. we too will use non-verbal signals for these requests. The purpose of these signals is to not disturb others during a lesson or independent work. It allows both teachers and students to flow through their work with less distraction. Please ask your children to show you some of the signals we use in the classroom. (questions, bathroom, water, lower your voice, quiet please, I agree)
Secular Studies:
Reading Centers 
Reading centers have picked back up again! Children were spread out in 4-5 groups that were on a reading level that best suited them. Each group took turns reading aloud, as well as reading independently. After completing their book they each focused on a different Language Arts skill that helped them develop a deeper understanding of what they read. 
Math Centers 
Parents…. It is extremely important for your children to be practicing their math facts! Children in Things 2 should have math facts 1-5 mastered from last year. The end of year expectation of them is to have 1-10 mastered (addition and subtraction). Children in Things 1 will be learning and will be mastering facts 1-5, addition/subtraction by the end of the year. 
Things 1 continued to develop a strong number sense of 1-10 They are learning about numbers through 10 in a variety of ways. At this age, it is extremely important for children to develop a strong number sense. This is the foundation for a successful math student and these children are well on their way!
Things 2 are continuing to work on solving addition equations by using the “counting on” method, as well as finding the missing part. It is important for children to understand that the = symbol means, “the same as”, so a statement such as 5+4=6+3 is TRUE. 
Spelling/Sight Words:
Children in Things 1 are completing their final week with the words, the, is, it, a, to, as. Next week new words will be introduced!!!!
Children in Things 2, had their Spelling quiz on the short/e/ words and were also introduced to the short /u/ words. 
Each group practiced their words through a variety of hands-on tasks,(play-doh, wiki sticks, stamps…)  as well as activities from their books or worksheets. 
Judaic/Hebrew :

Noach: we watched the godcast, and read lots of books about Noah and the Tower of Babel.  We built a Tower of Babel out of wooden blocks and legos.  Then each child got a page out of this book: 

Inline image 1

and I read the First Question out loud in 12 different languages.  They then attached them to the Tower of Babel, and their cooperation and teamwork all fell apart…
We talked about the importance of using words and language to communicate, cooperate, collaborate, and work as a team. We watched the classic “You say tomayto, and I say tomahto” about all the ways we communicate.
We played animal matching games in Hebrew (Noah story), and watched Mike Mulligan’s & His Steam Shovel about building projects & teamwork (Tower of Babel). 
Our role play included: God,  Noah, Noah’s wife Naamah, their sons Shem, Ham and Japhet, the dove, the Rainbow, and many, many animals. 
We also celebrated Simhat Torah (just a little belated) by marching around the room 7 times with our Torah scrolls.  We also celebrated Morah Beth’s first time reading Torah at Ezra with song, dance, cards, balloons and special snack.  Her performance of this great mitzvah is sure to lead to additional mitzvot!
We began to prepare for Rosh Hodesh Heshvan through learning additional parts of Hallel.
We also introduced the phrase 

into our Amida — we sang and danced to this phrase.

Week 1 : bathing suit בֶּגֶד יָם waves גַּל  surfboard גַּלְשָׁן  sand חוֹל  sunscreen קְרֶם הגנה
Week 2: toys   צַעֲצוּעַ  bucket   דְּלִי  fish  דָּג  chair   כִּסֵּא sun  שֶׁמֶשׁ
Week 3:Nitzavim: today  היום  covenant   בְּרִית  nation  עם  water  מַיִם land    אֶרֶץ Vayelekh: to speak   דִּבֵּר  holiday  חַג  ear  אֹזֶן  land  אֲדָמָה  tent  אֹהֶל
Week 4Vocabulary: eagle   נשר  oil   שֶׁמֶן  milk   חָלָב  ear   אֹזֶן borders   גְּבוּל
Week 5fun   כֵּיף  turtle   צָב  water   מַיִם  balloon  בָּלוֹן  ball   כַּדּוּר
Week 7welcome  בָּרוּךְ הַבָּא  guests  אוֹרֵחַ  sukka  סוכה  lulav   לולב  etrog  אתרוג
Week 8: ark   תֵּבָה  covenant   הַבְּרִית  rain   גֶּשֶׁם  dove   יוֹנָה  wind  רוּחַ

Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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