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11 Oct

From one short week to another!!!! Fear not parents…. this is the last of them for a while. We have had a wonderful three days full of Sukkot ad Simchat Torah fun! From Whole School Tefillah with our lulavim and etrogim, snack in the Sukkah and a Sukkah breakfast, to art class and making flags for Simchat Torah. Celebrating together has been fun but now it’s time for hard core HaShem Sheli practice! Please make sure your children are practicing their lines and get ready for a fabulous ceremony on November 3rd.
Morning Meeting: 
Morning meeting continues with days of the week, months of the year, complete date, days of school, skip counting, tallying, weather, safety review, and Parsha Role play. Children are becoming quite familiar with the calendar and even remind me when I miss something!
Open Circle:
This week’s pen Circle was designated to safety. We talked about the importance of knowing what to do for a fire or lock-down drill, as well as why it is ALWAYS important for a child to ask a teacher if the need to leave the classroom. The children are aware of the classroom/school expectations for each of these events and are ready to impress us at the next drill!
Secular Studies:
Math Centers: 
Math for Things 1 continues to focus on number recognition. This week we focused on numbers 6-10, and how to represent them in word, numeric, and pictorial forms.
Things 2 are continuing to develop a sense of addition with the symbols and vocabulary. For example, when we hear the word “altogether” that is a sign that we will be adding and using the + symbol. They also know that the = symbol means “the same as”. With this knowledge they have been able to solve simple addition equations and understand that it means to see 3+2=2+3. they have also learned a new method of addition called “The Counting On Method. 
Social Studies: 
This week we really took a great deal of time to observe….OURSELVES! We have spoken so much about the type of people we are, and want to be, on the inside that it was time we take a look at the outside. Even though we all know that our outward appearance has nothing to do with the type of people we are, it is in fact part of what makes us unique and special. Children were provided with mirrors and a brief lesson on how to create a self portrait. These amazing works of art will be prominently displayed at the HaShem Sheli program.
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 continues to work on the previously introduced sight words. (the, is, it, a, as, is). 
Things 2 spent the week learning about the short /e/ sound and quizzed on Wednesday. I must say they are ALL doing an amazing job with learning the words!
Judaic/Hebrew :
 Braishit, our Torah portion, is a great dramatic story.  We watched 2 godcasts and our role play included: Adam, Eve, God, the snake, the apple tree, the sun, the moon, the animals, Cain and Abel. We played the theme song from Rocky for the emergence of Adam, and “I am Woman”, “Pretty Woman”, and “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” for Eve.  
The Shlichim did an activity involving sea and land — which tied in nicely with the parsha.  We discussed “I am my brother’s keeper” as one of the themes of this parsha.
We learned and chanted parts of Hallel and the Hoshanot, special liturgy for Hol Hamoed Sukkot.  For example, we learned the words and tune for “Hoshia et Amecha” and circumambulated around our Keshet classroom — and the chapel — in celebration. 
We continued to learn about and celebrate Sukkot.  We made a point to spend some time each day in the Sukka, with the associated brachot — Leshev BaSukka and Shehehiyanu.  We also read books, sang, laughed, enjoyed, and ate in the Sukka, as commanded. 
We talked about Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), which we read on the Shabbat of Sukkot — and sang and danced to the song “Turn Turn Turn” by the Byrds, which is based directly on Kohelet.  It’s about, among other things, how the truly important things in life are not at all material or cosmetic, but rather about our relationships (with God and people) and more ephemeral — like the sukka.
We will begin to talk about rain and the new liturgy that begins after Shmini Azeret — Mashiv Haruach uMorid Hagashen.  
We had a special treat this past Wed. when got to sing 4 songs in Hebrew with Hillel’s dad Nadav, who accompanied on guitar.  I am happy to send you the audio and words to these 4 songs, upon request, for your continued enjoyment over Yom Tov. 
Week 1:bathing suit בֶּגֶד יָם waves גַּל surfboard גַּלְשָׁן sand חוֹל sunscreen קְרֶם הגנה
Week 2: toys   צַעֲצוּעַ  bucket   דְּלִי  fish  דָּג  chair   כִּסֵּא sun  שֶׁמֶשׁ
Week 3:Nitzavim: today  היום  covenant   בְּרִית  nation  עם  water  מַיִם land    אֶרֶץ Vayelekh: to speak   דִּבֵּר  holiday  חַג  ear  אֹזֶן  land  אֲדָמָה  tent  אֹהֶל
Week 4Vocabulary: eagle   נשר  oil   שֶׁמֶן  milk   חָלָב  ear   אֹזֶן borders   גְּבוּל
Week 5fun   כֵּיף  turtle   צָב  water   מַיִם  balloon  בָּלוֹן  ball   כַּדּוּר
Week 7welcome  בָּרוּךְ הַבָּא  guests  אוֹרֵחַ  sukka  סוכה  lulav   לולב  etrog  אתרוג
Thank you, Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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