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09 Oct

Well, this is the last short week for a while… phew!!!! While our short weeks have been full of information and fun we are looking forward to getting into a regular schedule. Please be sure to 

Circle and Tefillah continue as normal. We go over the calendar , counting the days of school, and colors, in both English and Hebrew. The children are expanding upon their Tefillot with Morah Limor.  We also began our Parsha unit. With Simchat Torah comes a new beginning. Bereshit. The first chapter in the Torah. The children got to see a real Torah and look through a chumash. They found familiar letters and even got to practice scribbling. 

Our center activities were a continuation of last weeks. Due to the short weeks we are making sure that all groups of children have an opportunity to work with all of the different activities. To recap; English Reading children met with Morah Beth in a small reading group and followed up with a writing activity. Hebrew Reading with Morah Limor. Building a Sukkah with Lincoln Logs, followed by a writing activity in which the children got to tell about how they celebrate the holiday. A Holiday bingo game and a  listening center story called “Catching the Moon”. After listening to this story online the children had a Language Arts or a science activity to choose from. 
Stories  – We have been reading the chapter book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The children are loving the story, Captain Cook especially! We have been discussing how to make predictions as well as the characters, setting, plot and details of the story. 

In this weeks math lesson the first grade have been developing the “counting on” strategy. This method teachers children to begin at the larger number in the addition equation and count on as many spaces as the number being added. For example; 6+3=. The children would begin with the number 6 and count on three times in order to get the sum.  The Kindergarten are continuing to develop a strong number sense through the use of manipulatives, 10 frames, and one-to-one correspondence. 

This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word “that”. Children were asked to use the word in two sentences, including uppercase at the beginning and punctuation. They were then asked to illustrate their writing. 

Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on the short /e/ sound. Children have been reviewing words with a variety of fun activities from their spelling books and are preparing for their quiz next Friday. The Kindergarten have been given sight words to review and some of them have even been translated into Hebrew! Children practice these words throughout the week in order to build their language and vocabulary. 

Both Kindergarten and first grade work on their Handwriting skills. This is the time to not only focus on letter/sound recognition, but letter formation as well. The children are all learning to use the lines on the paper correctly. We use the terms top line, mid line and base line.  They are also taught to start letters from the top with their vertical lines and from the left with their horizontal lines. Kindergarten has been working on the upper AND lowercase letters L, I, T, O, A, D, C, E and F. With the written instruction for each letter we talk about the sound it makes as well as words that begin and end with that sound. 

In addition to learning the English letters and sounds, children are also learning Hebrew letters and sounds. So far they have been exposed to the letters; alef, bet, gimmel, dalet, hay, vav and zayin. To go along with these letters some of the vowels have also been taught. Kamatz, patach, chirik, and cholam. 
This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on “Giving and Receiving Compliments” We talked about what compliments are. Each child took a turn giving someone a compliment. We learned to say “thank you” after receiving a compliment. We also talked about why giving compliments is important and how it can make other feel liked, accepted, and appreciated. 


 Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!


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