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04 Oct

While it’s been a short week we have certainly packed lots of learning in! From Spelling and Math to Parsha Role Play, HaShem Sheli rehearsals and Sukkah Decorations!!! The week ended with a very special visit.  The Babaganoush class joined us for some songs about Sukkot led by Nadav, Hillel’s Abba! Today Raba Nadav!!!!
Morning Meeting:  
We have made it past day 20 of school. Now we can begin counting by tens and not have to stop at 10! Each day we practice skip counting, weather, tally charts, place value, days of the week and months of the year order. Children are becoming more familiar with the calendar routine and could most likely run the meeting without Miriam or me!
Open Circle: 
For this week’s Open Circle we talked about Active Listening. The children were asked what it looked like to be an active listener. 
Eyes are watching
Ears are listening
Lips are closed
Hands are still
Feet are quiet
After we reviewed these skills a story was read. The children were told that every time they heard the word “dog” they were to clap one time. The story was read and the children were wonderful active listeners. The second time the story was read there were some (intentional) distractions, and I must say they were still amazing active listeners. (Which made my lesson a bit more challenging 😄
We talked about how it might be challenging for some children (and adults) to pay attention with distractions. Each child was asked to go home and practice their Active Listening with their families. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Centers 
While it was a short week for reading children were still dispersed amongst their groups. Skills such as cause and effect, main idea and details were covered/reviewed. Children are not only reading within their group but re-reading their books independently as well. 
Math Centers 
Children in the group “Things 2” began a unit on Making Addition Stories. Children were shown pictures and asked to come up with as many different stories that could describe the picture. The numerals used were then to create addition equations. Vocabulary used : addition (+), equal (=), and addition equation (4+5=9)
Children in the group “Things 1″ began a new chapter covering numbers 1-10. Numbers are represented with numerals, words, and shown on a ten frame with cubes. Consecutive counting forwards and backwards was also reviewed. As one child said, ‘It’s like counting for a rocket-ship!”
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 2 have been given their new spelling words that focus on the short /o/ sound. Things one continues to review their sight words from last week. 
Judaic/Hebrew :
This week: our portion is a repeat of V’zot Habracha! We also continued to discuss the book of Jonah, which was read in synagogues around the world on Yom Kippur afternoon.  Today we did the role play with the following parts: the Big Fish, God, sailors, Tarshish, Nineveh, Yafo, the Gourd, the Worm (That Ate the Gourd), Jonah (aka Ironman), the Big Wind, and the Hot Sun.  We chanted “You can Run but you Cannot Hide” and did Tshuva several times.  

We began talking about Sukkot and played Shimon Omer: Shake your Lulav, Etrog, Tefila, Kiddush, Hamotzi, Eat in the Sukka, Sleep in the Sukka, Apple dipped in Honey, Hallel, Build the Sukka, Decorate the Sukka, Welcoming Guests (Ushpizin) etc.  
Week 1 : bathing suit בֶּגֶד יָם waves גַּל  surfboard גַּלְשָׁן  sand חוֹל  sunscreen קְרֶם הגנה
Week 2: toys   צַעֲצוּעַ  bucket   דְּלִי  fish  דָּג  chair   כִּסֵּא sun  שֶׁמֶשׁ
Week 3:Nitzavim: today  היום  covenant   בְּרִית  nation  עם  water  מַיִם land    אֶרֶץ Vayelekh: to speak   דִּבֵּר  holiday  חַג  ear  אֹזֶן  land  אֲדָמָה  tent  אֹהֶל
Week 4Vocabulary: eagle   נשר  oil   שֶׁמֶן  milk   חָלָב  ear   אֹזֶן borders   גְּבוּל
Week 5fun   כֵּיף  turtle   צָב  water   מַיִם  balloon  בָּלוֹן  ball   כַּדּוּר
Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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