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12 Jun



Even with the end of the year so close, the children have continued to work hard in all areas, even though they can smell the summer vacation coming!!!
We began Tefillah on Monday morning in a special way. The 1st grade students joined the second graders, Morah Jacqui and Marah Marcy for a Tefillah and a story. This was an opportunity for the first graders to get used to what will be their new surroundings. While this was going on in the Babaganoush room, the 3rd grade joined the Kindergarten class for a Tefillah. Gan was able to show what they know and Kitah Gimmel was able to be leaders for the younger children. At whole school Tefillah we led the Shema and gathered around the Torah as it was taken out and placed back into the arc. 
In Math, both groups are in the midst of their review. Number sentences, fact families, number bonds, word problems, addition, subtraction, and place value are all being reviewed.  
In Language Arts/Reading different groups are continuing to concentrate on different concepts. One group is concentrating on the challenging concept of cause and effect, another on making predictions and drawing conclusions, and the last on the content of the story. We also had a listening center where the children listened to the story A Bad Case of the Stripes. After listening to the story there was a writing activity to follow. The first grade children also learned what the four parts of a friendly letter are. They then had the chance to write a letter to someone of their choosing. Something fun that both grades got to do was “alphabet Ad-Libs” They certainly came up with some funny stories and there were lots of giggles as we shared them with each other!
In Spelling the first graders had their last spell in quiz of the year. They were given 20 words of my choosing. They did not know which words they were to be quizzed on and they did an amazing job on their quiz!!!!The kindergartners have been exposed to many sight words in which they are asked to work creatively with hands on assignments to help them remember these words. This last week was a review of words they have been exposed to throughout the year. 
 This week’s Science lesson we completed our solar system unit with a fun activity. Each child was a planet, sun or moon. Each planet began at the sun and took steps outward, into the “solar system” The children got an idea of how vast the solar system is!
If you have not already downloaded the Sky View app, please do so. It is an amazing app that allows children (and adults) to explore the planets, constellations, and other areas as space!!!!
In Computer class Morah Betty is now focusing on keyboarding with the children  Please take some time to work with your child on the proper positioning of their hands on the keyboard. 
The WACKY WEDNESDAY theme this week was Crazy Mix Up Day. Everyone came in the craziest, most mixed up attire 🙂
This week in the Torah Talk unit we learned about Abraham’s family tree.

Your child brought home a diagram of the family tree and highlighted the names of the characters we have learned about in class.
Please ask your child the tell you something special about the following characters or you can use the following questions:
1. Who was Noah?
2.How are Terach and Abraham related? 
Answer: He is Abraham’s Father
3. Who did Abraham married?
Answer: Sara
4. What is Abraham and Sara child name?
Answer: Issac
5. Who did Issac marry?
Answer: Rebecca
6. How many children did Issac and Rebecca had and what are their names?
Answer: 2, twins (Jacob ans Esue)
7. What did Esue gave up for a cup of soup?
Answer: Birth rights
8. Do you remember someone else in the bible who wanted children?
The week ended with a lovely Kabbalat Shabbat that we shared with the 8th grade. Since it was our last Kabbalat Shabbat of the year and the 8th graders last Ezra Kabbalat Shabbat ever, we thought that bringing the two groups together would be special. 

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