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08 Jun

Another wonderful week has come to a close. The children have been wiring hard and continuing to make amazing progress. It is hard to believe that we only have 2 weeks left…

We began Tefillah in an intimate classroom setting. Morah Limor led and even challenged the children to certain Tefillot. Let’s just say that Morah Limor may need to practice before the next challenge 🙂 Tuesday morning we had the pleasure of attending the Babaganoush, end of the year extravaganza! We watched some amazing acting and wonderful singing as they performed for us and many others! On wednesday we were able to attend the Beyond The Bell play that some of our classmates were in!!!! It was a wonderful experience to be able to support those in our class. 
In Math, both groups are working on a review of some foundation concepts. Number bonds, fact families, math facts, and word problems are being reviewed. This will continue throughout the rest of the school year. 
In Language Arts/Reading different groups are continuing to concentrate on different concepts. One group is concentrating on the difference between reality and fantasy  Another is developing their knowledge of cause and effect. A third group is developing their ability to fill out a Venn diagram. The children also had a center based on the solar system. Many questions were asked as well as illustrations. 
The first grade students have been learning different parts of speech. This week they learned about verbs (past tense verbs) as well as how and when to use the words am (when they speak about themselves), is when they speak about one person, place or thing), and are (when they speak about more than one person, place or thing). 
In Spelling the first graders have had a review what we have already learned in preparation for a quiz with words that I had chosen. The kindergartners have been exposed to a new list of sight words in which they are asked to work creatively with hands on assignments to help them remember these words. Some activities have included writing their words in flour, salt, or sugar. Making the words out of play-doh, air writing, and even writing their words on their parents back with their finger. Each group of children has begun a spelling book called “100 words You Need to Know By 1st Grade/2nd Grade. 
 This week’s Science lesson continued with some fun Solar System activities. Books and coloring allowed the children to get a visual of how our planets are spaced out.
In Computer class Morah Betty is now focusing on keyboarding with the children  Please take some time to work with your child on the proper positioning of their hands on the keyboard. 
The WACKY WEDNESDAY theme this week was Disney Day!!!! Next week, and the year’s LAST WACKY WEDNESDAY. We will be celebrating with Crazy mix up day!!!! Wear your wacky hair, silly socks, backwards inside-out clothes, and anything else that can make you look mixed up!!!!
The week ended with a special Kabbalat Shabbat with the Ilanot class. The children said the brachot, sang songs, and ate yummy challah together. Thank you moray Gail and Ilanot for joining us. 

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