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12 Jun

Well, we are getting down to the wire! only one week left before your children will be celebrating their year of hard work and summer vacation!!!! While ‘Summer Fever” has definitely hit , we are still learning lots here in the Keshet class! From Reading and Math to Parsha andTefillah, the children are still going strong. 
Reading Groups continued as usual this week. As children continue to develop their decoding and comprehension the groups are changing. Skills focused on are as follows; main idea, details, chronological order, and identifying the problem and solution. There are also grammar skills that are worked on through reading these books Identifying nouns, adjective, verb, and pronouns, contractions and compound words. All of these skills are worked through in small groups through a variety of different activities. We also had a special visit from Miss ball who read us two books and asked us to compare their similarities. next week we will be hearing one more and entering the Maker Space for an activity!!!!
Spelling and Sight words are continuing to be reviewed in a variety of ways. Children have been practicing at home as well as with games in the classroom. In addition, Things 2 are continuing to develop some specific grammar skills that will help enhance their writing. Children in both groups are also continuing to work in their 100 Words book. This fun activity book uses basic sight words that children need to learn in a variety of fun ways. Word Math, Matching, Coloring, Mystery Letters, Rhyming, Sorting, etc. Another fun way to practice phonics skills was through Alphabet Ad-libs. This made for great practice and many funny stories!!!!
This week in math both groups had review of money through a variety of money games and activities…the favorite being Monopoly! They also rotated through a variety of center activities focusing on addition and subtraction skills. Children were given a new, fun activity called Line Designs, where they were provided with rulers and asked to replicate a design by connecting numbers. 
We had some wonderful Tefillot. Monday here in our classroom as usual. Tuesday and Wednesday we were joined by the Ilanot class and learned some new Tefillot they shared with us.  We also has a very special visit from Morah Nettie! Morah Nettie taught Kindergarten at Ezra for 40 years before her retirement in 2012! Thursday was our Whole School Tefillah and Friday we were in our classroom again. 
Parshat Naso (last week): we reviewed the Kohanic blessing, and practiced it with each other.  

Parshat Behaalotecha: Godcast, Alephbeta.  We discussed the subject of Lashon Hara — gossip and slander.  We played Whisper down the lane to demonstrate how stories can get twisted and misunderstandings can arise.   We talked about how speech can be used to hurt, insult, and provoke — and how can speech can be used to build, compliment, and express compassion and generosity.  The children also did an art project about the shofar, which appears in this week’s parsha.

We mentioned the next holiday, which will take place in the summer — Tisha B’Av, and started to prepare for the Summer Vacation (Hofesh HaGadol) with beach vocabulary, videos and songs.
Hebrew Vocabulary for this week included the following words.
teeth   שיניים. shine   זָהַר. catch   תָּפַס. soul   נְשָׁמָה. milk    חָלָב
Shabbat Shalom 

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