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03 Jun

The Keshet class not only experienced all of the curriculum from this week, but they also had to experience two teachers who were under the weather! I must say, as a teacher of young children, not having a voice would typically be quite a challenge. Well not for us! As soon as the children saw that we weren’t quite our normal boisterous selves, they made sure to be at their VERY BEST!!!!! We are so lucky to have a class full of such kind-hearted children. 
SECULAR with Morah Beth 
This week our center’s consisted phonics games where children were able to develop their phonemic awareness skills on the iPads. They each chose a different app that focused on these skills and had a blast sharing their learning  with the friends in their group. There was also a variety of math games that the children were able to choose from for their second center. Skill such as addition, subtraction and the strategies they have been learning were used in a small group setting. 
During “reader’s workshop“, children of all ages were grouped with their appropriate reading peers.Groups were engaged in a variety of different literacy activities. Some children read  independently (Read to self), while some are “read to someone”. Each group reads on their appropriate level and then focuses on comprehension as well as language skills. This weeks skills were as follows; venn diagrams, main idea, details, and more phonemic awareness skills.
For this weeks math unit the first grade completed their chapter on addition within 100, double-digit addition, and regrouping. Kindergarten students were developing their mastery of fact families and fact fluency. All children have been exposed to a variety of strategies that will help them solve an equation. They are now at the point of deciding which one is most comfortable for them and identifying which strategy will work best depending on the type of equation they are provided. 
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word ” mitzvah”. The children were given this word and asked to write two complete sentences, (uppercase, punctuation, and a complete thought in between). Each sentence required a noun, adjective, and verb. After writing their were asked to illustrate one or both sentences and share with the class. 
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on a review of what they have had. A surprise quiz was given on words they have learned and are expected to know for second grade.  …I’m sure you can imagine the excitement!
In addition to our Writer’s Workshop unit on “how to” writing the children were given a new, and according to them fun assignment. Children were split into different groups. Each group was provided with a manipulative and asked to create something. They had the choice of working with others in their group or working independently. After 10 minutes of them creating a structure they were asked to clean up and then write about their experience. There were three questions they were asked to answer. What was the assignment? How did you go about this? And what was your experience like throughout the process. This assignment really encouraged to think about all aspects of this new experience, as well as using their writing skills. It also incorporated cooperation skills that we have been learning through our Open Circle Program.
This week in Social Studies, we travelled to Mexico. We learned about a young boy named Omar. Omar lives in Mexico. We learned about his family, the home that he helped build. We also learned that Omar likes to eat quesadillas…. so of course we made them!!! The children were also able to build upon their fine motor skills by creating a “God’s Eye” out of yarn and popsicle sticks. It took a lot of work and perseverance but in the end all were happy with their results!
JUDAICS with Morah Limor
This week’s centers consisted of the “Shabbat Box”. Children were each able to design their own box with a variety of Shabbat illustrations. Once he boxes were complete they filled them with shabby items and will now be able to use, share and treasure them in the future. The other center revolved around the Hatikvah. Children are learning the meaning of this song, as well as how to read and write many of the words. 
The week ended with a tasty birthday celebration for all of our summer birthdays!
Shabbat Shalom Everyone!
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