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22 May

20150521_09121320150521_09115120150521_09112120150521_09105020150520_081341-120150520_08133120150519_11281120150519_11265620150519_11265020150518_11210520150518_11205420150518_112043 As the year comes to a close the weeks begin with more and more excitement. Last week was there was there Mile Run and this week The Keshet Torah Ceremony. At 8:30 Monday morning the Keshet students and their families gathered in the Youth Lounge for a wonderful ceremony and ended in each child receiving their very own Torah.
We also had a fun visit from Raz and Ofir. We made Kaduray Shokolad, a delicious cookie made by the students. 
Tefillah, as always was a wonderful experience. We had one Tefillah in class led by Morah Limor, and we also took a day and went outside for Tefillah. We sat on the benches by a beautiful tree and participated in a most lovely Tefillah. 
In Math, all of the children (K and 1) had the opportunity to tie writing into their math lessons. Each child came up with an addition and a subtraction word problem and a book was made and teachers were given the book to complete. Of course we had to “show our work”. Upon completion the books were returned to the children and they made their corrections. 
In Language Arts/Reading different groups are continuing to concentrate on different concepts. One group is concentrating on the challenging concept of cause and effect, another on making predictions and drawing conclusions, and the last on the content of the story. 
In Spelling the first graders have their fourth and final group of homophones! They have been working on the spelling as well as the definitions through class time and www.spellingcity.com . The kindergartners have been exposed to a new list of sight words in which they are asked to work creatively with hands on assignments to help them remember these words. Some activities have included writing their words in flour, salt, or sugar. Making the words out of play-doh, air writing, and even writing their words on their parents back with their finger. 
 This week’s Science lesson continued with the solar system. We created the planet Saturn, with rings for our 3 dimensional solar system in class. We also learned about, Uranus. The planet Uranus is the 7th from the sun. It has an ocean that is a gas that changed into a liquid, but is too hot to swim in 😉 Uranus along with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are the largest planets in our solar system. They are called the “Gas Giants” because they are  mostly made of gasses. The difference between Uranus and the other planets is that Uranus orbits the sun on its side and spins like a wheel. some scientists even thing that this happens because something hit the planet and tipped it sideways. Uranus is a planet that has 27 moons and 11 rings. The reason we know as much as we do about this planet is because of The voyager 2! This planet was also added to our classroom solar system. 
In Computers the children completed their All About Me books. Morah Betty is now focusing on Keyboarding with the class. Please take some time to work with your child on the proper positioning of their hands on the keyboard. 
The WACKY WEDNESDAY theme this week was Red White and Blue in honor of Memorial Day!!!  Next week we look forward to wearing white…. In honor of Shavuot we will be having a “White Out”!  Make sure your child is wearing as much white as possible. If white pants, shorts or a skirt is a problem please have them in a white shirt and kaki pants. 
Shavuot brought LOTS of fu activities. Starting off with our Torah Ceremony, ad continuing the week with crafts galore! A torah, with the 10 commandments (that the children had to put in order), a Shavuot basket, and a tasty treat of blintzes. To end our week we gathered in the auditorium with the entire school. Each  grade had brought in canned goods in order to make a canned construction. The Keshet and 7th grade created a Tree of Life structure that was simply awesome!

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