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26 May

We absolutely MUST begin with congratulating Michal and Matthew, of the Keshet class on their winning1st and 2nd place at this year’s Talent Show!!!! Matthew took 2nd place with his dance 👯, to the song Happy, while Michal Took 1st place with her hilarious 😄stand up comedy!!!! We are so incredibly proud of both of you!!!! 
What’s better than Spirit Week at Ezra???? Seeing what craziness the Keshet teachers will do to themselves during Spirit Week!!!! From Sports Day, with a highly fashionable biker and basketball player, to the wackiest hair and the comfiest pajamas, we all had a great time…especially Morah Miriam and me!
Secular Studies:
This week in Science we completed our solar system unit🚀the planets Uranus and Neptune. Here are some fun facts the children learned about these last two planets. 
…has an ocean that is made up of gas that changes into liquid. 
…is very hot.
…is the 7th planet from the sun.
… is one of the biggest planets and sometimes called one of the gas giants.
…spins like a wheel while the other planets in the solar system spin like a top. Scientists think something hit Uranus and tipped it sideways. 
…has 11 rings, made of ice and are hard to see.
…has more than 27 moons
…was named after The Roman God of the Sea.
…is blue because of the gasses around the planet.
…has NO water.
…is also one of the gas giants.
…is big, cold and windy.
…has clouds of gas, and has the fastest winds of the planets. 
The unit was completed with lots of fun solar system songs via this link…   https://youtu.be/7t099KIWVVs as well as a solar system booklet that includes all of the planets. 
Morah Miriam also taught us about the connection to the solar system to Rosh Chodesh, by reading the book New Month New Moon. 
Reading groups  continued as usual this week. A variety of books on different pics were read by each group. some fictional, some not, some independently and some in small groups. Each group was provided with a different Language Arts skill to focus on. Cause and effect, sequential order, main idea, and supporting details. 
For the class read-a-loud we have been reading the Ivy  and Bean series. The children are really enjoying this series and we are hoping to get through book 6 before the end of the year. (we are starting book 4 today) If you are interested in other books in the series check out the following website.
Spelling and Sight words are continuing to be reviewed in a variety of ways. Children have been practicing at home as well as with games in the classroom. In addition Things 2 are continuing to develop some specific grammar skills that will help enhance their writing. 
This week in math the Things 1 learned more about the value of each coin as well as who and what is on each coin. They have begun to add the value of the coins together using their skip counting skills. 
Things 2  have completed the money unit. They have a solid foundation of the coin names, and values. They have begin to add money to determine the value of a group of coins as well as solving word problems. 
Parshat Bemidbar: Godcast.  We talked about journeying through the desert, and about everyone having a place in the congregation.  We continued to count the Omer, read books about Shavuot, enact the story of Ruth and Naomi, and we sang the Carole King song Where you Lead
in honor of the Book of Ruth.
and we continued singing this Debbie Friedman 613 Commandments
in honor of Shavuot.
clothes    בגדים  lamp   מְנוֹרָה   camp    מַחֲנֶה   chief/president     נָשִׂיא   desert    מִדְבָּר
Hebrew Vocabulary for this week included the following words. 
blue   כָּחֹל  orange   כָּתֹם  do/make   עָשָׂה  camp   מַחֲנֶה  today   היום Western Wall   הַכֹּתֶל

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