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21 May

This week began with LOTS of excitement and energy. At 8:30 am on Monday morning we boarded the bus with Babaganoush and Ilanot to go run a mile. The children ALL put forth their best efforts and did so well. It was wonderful to watch them cheer on their peers and make it across the finish line!

Tefillah was shared with a variety of groups. On Monday, we joined Babaganoush and Ilanot for a Tefillah led by Morah Gail. On Wednesday, we joined Babaganoush in the classroom so they could help teach us the Ashrei. It is really amazing to see the older children rise to the occasion and help the younger ones. And on Thursday we went to whole School Tefillah tp watch  the Ilanot student’s Tikkun ceremony. It was so wonderful to watch the Keshet class be able to participate in MANY of the Tefillot, along with the “big kids”.
In Math the Morah Beth’s math group, we have been reviewing our counting on skills. The children have been using their base ten blocks to visualize this process and form a foundation for the bar model. Mrs. Ravski’s math group has been studying money and have completed their unit. 
In Language Arts/Reading, different groups are continuing to concentrate on different concepts.  One group has learned about proper nouns while another concentrates on cause and effect, and another on details. 
In Spelling, the first graders have their third group of homophones! They have been working on the spelling as well as the definitions through class time and www.spellingcity.com . The kindergartners have been exposed to a new list of sight words in which they are asked to work creatively with hands-on assignments to help them remember these words. Some activities have included writing their words in flour, salt, or sugar. Making the words out of play-doh, air writing, and even writing their words on their parents back with their finger. 
 This week’s Science lesson continued with the solar system. We learned about Jupiter and its many moons, (63 to be exact). The children were taught that Jupiter is made of liquids and gasses and that it has lots of clouds. The clouds move in opposite directions creating the wind that blows very fast. They know that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and can fit more than 1, 000 Earths inside Jupiter. The children were able to see photos of the “Great Red Spot” and learned that it is a giant storm that has lasted for more than 300 years! Upon the completion of the lesson, the children were able to create a 3 dimensional Jupiter that was added to our classroom solar system. 
We also read about Saturn. The children learned that Saturn is the second largest planet and is the 6th planet from the sun. They also know that Saturn has MANY rings…more than 10,000, and these rings are not solid. We will be creating our 3-dimensional version next week and it will be added to our in class solar system. 

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