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12 May

Dear Parents, 
We began our week in the BEST possible way!!!!!! Welcoming back the 8th graders from their 2 week Israel trip!!!! The school was definitely quieter without them but they were greatly missed by all!!!!!
We also spent some wonderful time preparing for Mother’s Day! There are some special treats in your child’s back….but don’t peek until Sunday!
On Wednesday we all took part in the annual Mile Run! Children came ready for exercise and fully prepared to put Morah Beth to shame!…which they did 
Thursday’s Whole School Tefiilah was so nice with the 8th graders back. Keshet students missed their Ilanot buddies but really came through with some of our newly learned Tefillah tunes and lots of ruach. We also got to spend some time with Raz and Yotam, learning about Lag B’Omer!
Special Friends Day was a great way to end the week! A Special Shavuot activity and music class gathered everyone together. The day concluded with a spirited Kabbalat Shabbat, and everyone had a great time. 
Shabbat Shalom and Happy Mother’s Day  !!!! 
Secular Studies:
This week in Science we studied Mars. Ask your child some of these questions and if there is any other information they can remember to share. 
Q. Can you see Mars without a telescope?  A. yes
Q. Which planet from the sun is mars? A. the 4th
Q. What is the other name we sometimes call Mars? A. The Red Planet
Q. Has anyone ever been to Mars? A. No….not yet
Q. What is a rover? A. a car like robot that takes pictures and videos
Q. What are astronomers studying about Mars? A.If we can possibly live there one day. 
Q. What does Mars have that Earth has? A. north and south poles
Q. What is the weather like on Mars? A. wild weather…. giant sandstorms. It is also cold there all of the time. 
Q. How many moons does Mars have? A. 2

Reading groups : This week in reading groups children all had the chance to read books about Space (to go along with our science unit.) A variety of fiction and non-fiction books were read and skills such as, nouns and homophones, question words, cause and effect, etc. were practiced.

Things 1 were introduced to new sight words – more color words. They completed their packets and are doing an exceptional job learning a very long list of words!!!  Things 2 were given a Spelling rule to focus on this week.Long vowel sounds ending with the silent /e/. On Friday children were quizzed on a surprise list of words. 
Both groups are also working from their 100 Words book. This book provides the Dolch list of sight words that children are “expected” to know for the upcoming year. They have really been enjoying the games, riddles, mazes, etc that come in the book. They work both independently as well as in small groups on these activities and are building a stronger foundation of sight words each day!
This week in math the Things 1 practiced math facts, as well as one-to-one correspondence, and time! We are almost at the money unit!!!!!
Things 2   are continuing to use double digit addition and subtraction in a variety of ways. Counting on/back, making a ten, the vertical set-up and use of place value, and 3 digit addition/subtraction in order to solve. They too are also at the money unit!!!!
Parshat Emor: We watched the godcast and Alephbeta.  We talked about Shabbat, Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot, and the big picture and details of each.  We did a role play of the Ruth and Naomi story, getting ready for Shavuot as we read the book of Ruth on Shavuot.  The parts were: farmers, Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, Ruth’s first husband, David, and God.  We sang songs and pretend-roasted-marshmallows around our streamer-campfire, getting ready for Lag B’Omer this Sunday.  We read books about Lag B’omer, writing a Sefer Torah, and Shavuot.  

The best part of the week for me: our Keshet children sang in Hebrew, the entire way in the bus, to and from the mile run — about a 15 minute ride each way.  They belted out: Halleluyah, Mah Rabu, Hinei Ma Tov, Tel Aviv, Eitz Hayim Hi, Ma Nishtana, Sevivon, etc. They sounded like a well-tuned choir.  Nobody needed a radio, let alone a screen.  It was wonderful, robust, tuneful, and energetic;  literally music to my ears.

priests    כֹּהֵן  profane   חִלֵּל  blind   עִוֵּר  soul   נֶפֶשׁ  first fruits   בִּכּוּרִים
Hebrew Vocabulary for this week included the following words. 
closet  אָרוֹן   chair   כִּסֵּא   rainbow  קֶשֶׁת    wall   קִיר   ice   קֶרַח

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