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13 May


The Keshet class participated in the Mile Run! Even I participated… okay fine I tried, maybe I walked…or hobbled…whatever I did it was definitely NOT considered running 🙂 I was very proud of all of the children for giving it their all!

We were also able to participate in a very meaningful Yom Hazikaron Tefillah as well as a tremendously energetic Yom Ha’Atzmaut Tefillah! Thursday afternoon was filled with cheers, banners, and fun activities. Not to mention the amazing falafel lunch sponsored by the PTO!

SECULAR with Morah Beth 

This week our center’s consisted of a listening station where the children heard the story “Knots on a Counting Rope” They were then asked to answer some comprehension questions and illustrate a picture of their favorite part of the story. There was also a math station, where children rolled the 10 frame dice and solved the equation of what they rolled using illustrations as well as a number equations.

During “reader’s workshop“, children of all ages were grouped with their appropriate reading peers.Groups were engaged in a variety of different literacy activities. Some children read  independently (Read to self), while some are “read to someone”. Each group reads on their appropriate level and then focuses on comprehension as well as language skills. This weeks skills were as follows; recognizing the setting changes and being able to write about them descriptively, identifying the problem and solution, positional words, ad main idea and supporting details. Children worked quietly in their small groups while I rotated to each group listening to them read and assisting when necessary.

In this weeks math lesson the first grade began their time unit. They learned to tell time to the o’clock, and the 30 as well as  how to count around the clock. They also learned the terms quarter past, half past and quarter of. Ask your children how it is possible for a clock to have a face and hands????

Kindergarten children completed their second book and will soon begin their time unit!

This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word “again”. The children were given this word and asked to write two complete sentences, (uppercase, punctuation, and a complete thought in between). Each sentence required a noun, adjective, and verb. After writing their were asked to illustrate one or both sentences.

Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on “sight words” they are expected to know for second grade. In order to practice children have been given activities for homework as well as in class. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.

In Writer’s Workshop each child has been working on their “How To” writing. Children were encouraged to think about something they can do confidently. They were then asked to write a few chapters explaining to the reader “how to” do their activity. There is a wide variety of topics that are being explored.

In Social Studies, we travelled to Israel! What better time to travel there than on Yom Ha A’tzmaut! We learned all about a boy named Michael, as well as some fun activities and games.We created our very own window chamsas. For our tasty treat we made delicious Israeli salad and ate it with pita!

JUDAICS with Morah Limor

This week’s centers consisted of making a “Jewish or Israeli” Flag. These flags will be saved for when the 8th graders return from Israel. Children also continued working on the Ariot/Nitzanim programs.

This week’s Parasha called Kedoashim, We learn that being holy, in Hebrew Kadoshe – קדוש  is being special, being Holy is being like G-d. In parashat Kedoshim G-d teaches and tells the Israelites that they should be holy like him.


G-d teaches all the Jewish People that being holy is honoring your parents, not worshiping idols, observing Shabbat, help the hungry, not stealing, not taking advantage of others, be fair, not hating people and loving your neighbor as yourself.

G-d reminds us to treat strangers fairly, because we were strangers in the land of Egypt.    

Shabbat Table talk/question:

What things have you done/can do to be holy (like G-d)?

Shabbat Shalom, שבת – שלום

Morah Limorמורה לימור – 

NEXT WEEK’s  WACKY WEDNESDAY will be CRAZY MIX-UP MIS-MATCH DAY!!!!! Have fun with it!!!!!

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