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07 May

This week began with a very special activity.  At 9:30 Tuesday morning, Keshet and baganoush hopped on the bus and headed to Lyman Hall at SCSU. By 10:00 we were seated and ready to see the play, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The children really enjoyed the show, were wonderful audience members and represented Ezra so beautifully.I really enjoyed the mesmerized looks on their faces as they watched and laughed. The play tied into this weeks writing assignment. The children were asked to write about a time they had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Some of them had to dig deep to think of something, but their writing and illustrations turned out wonderful!

In Math, the Morah Beth’s math group completed their time unit and have moved onto greater than, less tun, and equal to as well as their symbols. The children were able to use the symbols to create fun math drawings/stories.  The first grade has moved on from place value and had begun a new unit on money!
In Language Arts/Reading, different groups are continuing to concentrate on different concepts. While one group is focusing on proper nouns, another is concentrating on adjectives and another is developing their ability to focus on the main idea and details. 
In Spelling, the first graders have their first group of homophones! They have been working on the spelling as well as the definitions through class time and www.spellingcity.com . The kindergartners have been exposed to a new list of sight words in which they are asked to work creatively with hands-on assignments to help them remember these words. Some activities have included writing their words in flour, salt, or sugar. Making the words out of play-doh, air writing, and even writing their words on their parents back with their finger. 
 This week’s Science lesson focused on Venus and Mars.we talked about what these planets have in common with earth as well as about their many differences.  The children learned all about the rovers that are on Mars and how they help us gather information. They also created their own solar systems in Art class that are proudly displayed on the bulletin board. 
The WACKY WEDNESDAY theme this week was Fairytale Day!!! We all had a great time dressing like royalty…and other fun stuff….and there may have been some fairy dust being sprinkled about!

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