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06 May

I am so happy to have our Keshet class back! Everyone came back excited to tell us all about their Pesach and Seders.

We started off our on day with Miller leading us in the weather report and the prayer for Israel during morning announcements! We were also able to celebrate a very special day for on elf our students. Grace’s adoption day was this Thursday and we celebrated with lots of love …and cupcakes of course 🙂

SECULAR: by Morah Beth 

This week our center’s consisted Mother’s Day preparation….and I will say no more about that! 🙂 There was also a math activity called “Roll and Record”.  Children are given 2 die and asked to roll them. They then need to solve the equation and write the sum in the correct section. Whoever filled up their chart first won the game. When the addition version was completed if there was time they were able to  continue to work on finding the difference between the dice.

“Reader’s workshop“, flowed beautifully as usual. Morah Limor took a group of children to work on Hebrew/Judaics, The rest of the children are engaged in a variety of different literacy activities. Some children are reading independently (Read to self), while some are “reading to someone”, and others are taking turns with their reading. Each group reads on their appropriate level and then focuses on comprehension as well as language skills. This weeks skills were; chronological order, past/present tense verbs, compound words, contractions,

In this weeks math lesson the first grade flew through the chapter on halves and quarters. Detecting them in photos as well as creating them from paper the children all showed a strong understanding of this concept!

Kindergarten children are continuing to develop their addition/subtraction skills, while learning about fact families.

Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focused on ” homophones ”        Children had been provided a list of homophones to practice. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.

In Writer’s Workshop the class has been introduced to a new form of writing. “How To” writing. Children chose something they know how to do well and created their “how to” books. Children were encouraged to think about something they can do well and confidently, and asked to share the steps with the reader. We once again began with a table of contents and an introduction.

In Social Studies, we travelled to Japan. Children boarded the plane with their passports, took a bumpy ride, but survived the air sickness 🙂 We landed in Japan, went through customs, and had our passports stamped. We were able to enjoy some of the Japanese culture as well as foods. The class also tried their hands at origami. they heard the story of Sadako, and how the paper crane became a symbol of peace. (Although I must tell you…trying to make the crane did not feel peaceful to any of us :)) The sushi was also a very BIG hit!!!!

JUDAICS by Morah Limor


Group A: Continued to work on Birkat Hamazon and the meaning of the Hebrew words.

Group 2: Created counting the Omer chart (in Hebrew – Shefirat Ha’Omer).

The class learned that counting the Omer is a Mitzvah.

Pesach comes at the time when in biblical days the first crop was harvested. On the 2nd day of Pesach the Israelites brought a bundle or in Hebrew Omer to the Beit Hamigdash as a gift to G-d and every day after that for 7 weeks  (total of 49 days). The bringing of the Omer was counted every day and on the 50th day the second spring crop would be ready to be harvested and to be brought to Beit Hamigdash.

Although we don’t bring our crops to the temple anymore we still count the Omer, the day between the second day of Passover and Shavout.


Yom Ha’atzmaut:

In our preparation to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut the class was introduced to a unit called “Eretz Israel Throughout the Year”. We learned about Michael Stein, an 8th grade student from Cleveland, who made Aliyah to Israel in the summer.

The unit teaches about the different places that Micheal visited in Israel and the life style such as: Jerusalem (his new home), Haifa (City) and Ein Gedi (resort).

The meaning of the Jewish Flag (Israeli flag) the colors and the Star of David symbol (Magen David). We also learn an Hebrew song called”Kachol V’elavan” (Blue and white are the color of my flag)

The meaning of the words in the Israeli anthem ( H’atikevah- the hope).

In honor of the 8th grade trip to Israel, Keshet students sang H’atikevah during the morning announcement and done it proudly.

 WEDNESDAY please be sure to wear black and white for Yom HaZikaron and Thursday please wear blue and white for Yom Ha Atzmaut. 

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