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21 Apr

We are back from a lovely Pesach. We hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families and are back to enjoying some yummy chametz! While we had a short week we were certainly busy. 
Morah Miriam’s daughter, Gilah even joined us onThursday for two wonderful Shavuot games!
Secular Studies:
This week in Science we learned about the sun. The children already knew that the sun is a star…and not even the biggest star! 
Questions to ask…
Q. Why does the sun look bigger than all of the other stars? A. Because it is the closest star to earth. 
Q. how many layers does the sun have? A. 6 
Q. Why can we NOT look directly at the sun? A. It is too bright and can damage our eyes. 
Q. On a dull day when you look at the sun , what is the bright layer around it called?
A. corona
Q. What is it called when the moon travels in front of the sun?  A. Solar eclipse
Q. Which planets orbit around the sun? A. ALL of them. 
Q. What are the dark spots on the sun called? A. Suns spots
Q. What is special about these spots? A. They are cooler than the rest of the sun. 
Q. How can we stay safe in the sun? A. wear sunscreen…even in the winter!!!!!
Reading this week consisted of a wonderful story from Storyline Online, called Library Lion. After hearing the story the children were asked to think about what they would do if they were librarians and what types of rules they would put into place.  Each child was asked to come up with two to three rules they would implement and to explain why. They were also asked to think about what animal they think would make  good librarian and why. After lots of hard work and dedication with their writing the children illustrated their thoughts. 
Things 1 were introduced to new sight words were a review from past weeks. Each child has a list of all of the words that have been introduced. Next week new words will be introduced and they will receive their newest packet. Things 2 were given their new Spelling words that focused on compound words. We started our school week by having a pre-test and EVERY SINGLE STUDENT got 100% !!!! We decided that since they already know all of their words there was no need for a quiz on Friday!  They are all clearly learning the rules for spelling and are able to implement them with new words they have not yet been introduced to! They had a great time coming up with their own compound words that were not on this week’s list! 
This week in math the Things 1 completed their math book program. There was lots of excitement and some celebration :). Things 1 & Things 2 worked together on pace value and counting by tens. They practiced placing numerals in different places and were able to visually see how placement changes what the number is worth. They each used a place value workman as well as base ten blocks.
Parshat Shmini: we watched the godcast and Alephbeta videos, as well as an additional short bimbam video about Kashrut.  We read a few books about Kashrut — Baxter the Pig who Wanted to be Kosher, the Princess and the Pig, etc.
We learned about Counting the Omer and its bracha; we started making 7 X7 =49 projects (2 of our children can already count from 1-50 in perfect Hebrew! we’ll keep working on this as a group), and preparing for Yom Haatzmaut, Lag B’Omer and Shavuot.  Gilah came in today and did 2 games about preparing for Shavuot — getting ourselves in numerical order from 1 to 49, and timing ourselves…and “hide and seek” with a toy Torah, using “hot hot, cold cold” — or “cham cham, kar kar”.  We played “I am going to Israel and I will go to…” filling in the place names — Jerusalem, Haifa, Biblical Zoo, Rehovot to visit Orly and Michal, Dead Sea, Mt. Hermon — and including all the place names as we went around the circle.

command   צווה  first  רִאשׁוֹן  outside  חוּץ   chest   חָזֶה   sacrifice   הִקְרִיב

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!!!!
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