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08 Apr

The Keshet class really enjoyed this week’s Wacky Wednesday! Kids dress like teachers and teachers dress like kids. (Okay maybe I enjoyed it the most 🙂 We had 2 Morah Beth’s, a Morah Limor, a Mr. S. two Morah Cathy’s, and a Dr. Waynik! We also had a lovely visit from some Babaganoush students who read Pesach stories to us and held small group conversations about the books they chose.  “Almost” Rabbi Yoni joined us for a game of “Stump the Rabbi” . Children got to ask him questions and see if he had the answer…He did very well 🙂

SECULAR: by Morah Beth

This week our center’s consisted of a new fun way to work on our spelling/sight words. HANGMAN!!!! Each child had a turn with the board and was asked to choose one of the spelling or sight words. Others in the group guessed and tried to stay away from flipping over all of the hangman body parts. After the word was discovered everyone in the group wrote the word in a complete sentence.

The other secular station was a continuation on the opinion books the children have been working on in Writer’s Workshop.

During “reader’s workshop“, Morah Limor takes a group of children to work on Hebrew/Judaic, while the rest of the children are engaged in a variety of different literacy activities. some children are reading independently (Read to self), while some are “reading to someone”. Each group reads on their appropriate level and then focuses on comprehension as well as language skills. This weeks skills

In this weeks math lesson the first grade completed the chapter on multiplication within 40. They completed the week with assessments to ensure they are comfortable with the new information.

Kindergarten children continued to develop their addition skills using both 2 and 3 digits, as well as creating addition equations. They also began their unit on subtraction and learned some new vocabulary that corresponds to the addition and subtraction equations they have been practicing. Ask your child what the “sum” and “difference”.  of an equation is.

Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on “compound words” In order to practice children have been given activities in their spelling books as well as hands on homework activities. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.

In Writer’s Workshop children are continuing to work on their Opinion writing. They really put a great deal of time into this activity in the hoped of being able to bring their books home for Pesach. Children continue to be encouraged to think about their “favorites” and asked to share why they feel so strongly about these things, thus hopefully encouraging others to be convinced. The Table of Contents has been completed by all and they are now focusing on the chapters in their book.

In Social Studies, we are getting ready to travel “aroud the world”. Each week we will be learning about a child from a specific country. This week we learned about Olia who is from Russia. We learned about some traditional foods as well as items. We even made our own Matryoshka dolls with paper, while listening to classical Russian music on Pamdora. How could we possibly learn about another culture without making a tasty treat????? We can’t, so we made our very own Russian dressing and dipped delicious fresh veggies.

JUDAICS by Morah Limor

This week Parasha is called Tazria, We learned that Aaron and his sons worked in the Mishkan and helped with the offerings. G-d also teaches that they are the ones who should help the Israelites with their health problems. Just like doctors today. The Kohanim helped many people who were sick. They did not have many tools to help them as doctors have today. If a person found a spot on his/her skin he would go to the Kohen the Kohen would check the spot and then decide if the person had Tzaraat or not. If it was a Tzaraat the person had to: Tear his clothing, let his hair grow, put a scarf over his mouth and everyone had to stay away from him.


Group 1: Making a paper Kippah with Passover symbols.

Group 2: we continued with the Shemah and reviewed the meaning of the Hebrew words.

Passover: We are learning the songs: The order of the Seder Avadim hayinu ,Echad Mi Yodea (Who Knows One?).  The four questions and the ten plagues.

NEXT WEEK  WACKY WEDNESDAY will be Fairytale Day!!!

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!!!!

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