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27 Mar

This week in Math the Kindergartners have completed their money unit. They now know the names of each coin as well as their value. They have worked in pairs and individually having ample practice showing values in a number of different ways. The 1st grade has been reviewing addition of numbers in which the tens place changes. 

In Language Arts/Reading different groups have been focusing on different concepts. While one groups is learning about predictions, another is focusing on main idea and details. With the rotation of centers as we have it, all of the groupings had the opportunity to go through their very own children’s Haggadah. After reading the story and order of the seder children were asked to focus on different concepts. Some were asked to find all of the sight words they knew while others were looking for nouns and adjectives. After they completed their task they were able to color in their Haggadah and it was taken home for the upcoming holiday of Pesach. 
In Spelling both the kindergarten and 1st grade have been exposed to the days of the week. They know that each day must begin with an uppercase letter. While  all of the children are aware of these words from our daily calendar routine, the 1st grade now knows how to spell each of them correctly. 
Writing has been an opportunity for the Kindergartners to share information about themselves. Their likes, dislikes, what they want o be when they grow up, and some memories that have made an impact on them thus far. All of the Keshet students took some time to write about what they enjoy best about Pesach and why. Teachers did the same and the writings will be made into a book and displayed in the main office. 
In Science we continued to learn about the super moon, when the moon is closest to the earth, the spring equinox, when the hours of day and night are equal, and a solar eclipse, when the moon passes in front of the sun. 
The children were able to see photos and learn about the most recent phenomenon that occurred in Europe. 
They also learned about the force called gravity and how gravitational pull keeps the earth close to the sun and the moon close to the earth. The heavier the object, the faster it falls. We experimented with by dropping 2 items from the classroom. The children were able to predict which they thought would fall first and then the experiment was conducted for them to determine if their hypothesis was correct.  We also explored the orbit of planets and the moon. 
We also took time to learn about comments, asteroids, and meteors, and how they are different from one another. The children have a wonderful understanding of these three things. They know that an asteroid is a group of rocky metallic objects that orbit the sun. If an asteroid enter’s the earth’s atmosphere it is called a meteoroid  If they survive the trip they are called meteorites and if the burn up they are called meteors. We were then able to watch a video showing the difference between the three. 
If you are interested, there is an exploring space exhibit at the Science Museum in Hartford this weekend. Check it out at; space/http://www.ctsciencecenter.org/exhibits/exploring-space/
Morah Betty is continuing to work on Pesach in Computer class. The children were able to complete their Ten Plagues book. 
This week’s WACKY WEDNESDAY was spectacle day…and boy did some of us look like spectacles 🙂 Next week we will dress as something from the Pesach story. Moses, Miriam, Pharaoh, one of the ten plagues, etc…
Alas, it is my absolute favorite time of year here at Ezra. A time when you walk through the halls and see older students tutoring the younger students on the story of Pesach, the order of the seder as well as many other prayers and songs. It is truly amazing to see all children of different ages and backgrounds come together as one and work towards a common goal! 


Wishing everyone a wonderful Pesach.. Chag Sameach!!!

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