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15 Sep

What an exciting week!!!! Tuesday we went on a field trip to Hickory Hill Orchards. Babaganoush and our Young Israeli emissaries, Talya and Rotem, joined us for the morning. We learned about how the apples are harvested, took a wagon ride and each child got to pick a bag of apples. On Thursday we took our juicy apples and made some sweet applesauce to welcome in a sweet new year! We also had a fun taste test with different types of apples and graphed our favorites. It was a yummy, sweet, and fun week. 

Morning Meeting:  As usual our Morning Meeting began with the calendar and weather in English and Hebrew. Monday marked out 10th day in school so we were able to talk a bit about place value. How many ones are in the number 10? How many tens? Children were able to visually see using numbers as well as counting straws that were bundled into a group of 10. We are also now able to skip count by 5’s and 2’s!!!
Open Circle: This week in open circle, the concept or rules and NON-NEGOTIABLE rules were discussed. Children are aware that if a teacher is working with another student, the “rule” is they can not interrupt. However, if there is an emergency they should of course come to the teacher. A nonnegotiable rule is a rule that is NOT up for discussion or changing. For example our classroom non-negotiable rules are as follows; 
* No leaving the classroom without asking a teacher.
* No bullying (physical or verbal) others.
* No interrupting unless it is an emergency – emergencies include bleeding, illness, or natural disasters….or if any famous handsome actors, by the names of Edward Norton or George Clooney should walk into our classroom 🙂 
Children are becoming familiar with our classroom/school expectations and we encourage you to review them at home as well. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Centers consisted of 4 different groups, each focusing on an age appropriate level of reading and skill.
In addition to a review of genres (fiction, non-fiction, & realistic fiction) the children were asked why they think author’s write books. We discussed that an author has a purpose for writing. To inform, to persuade, or to entertain the reader. After children read in their groups they were asked to determine the genre as well as the author’s purpose.  
Math Centers consisted of small group work with Morah Beth, addition fact work on Khan Academy, the introduction of “number Bonds” (Things 2). Number recognition, matching numbers to pictures, one-to-one correspondence and the continuation of number books. (Things 1)
Writer’s Workshop: Writing continued with the stories that began last week. Children are trying to provide detail on each page by using descriptive words to help create a picture in the reader’s mind. 
Social Studies: Our Social Studies unit is continuing with preparing for the HaShem Sheli program. learning all about ourselves and each other has proven to be really interesting. Even Morah Betty is in on the fun in Computer class! Stay tuned for more information and crafts. 
Spelling/Sight Words: The children in Things 2 were very excited to get their first list of spelling words. They learned all about the short /a/ sound and were provided a list of 6 words as well as 3 sight words. In addition to practicing at home and creating a ” Menu of spelling words, the spelling book we use provides a variety of games and activities to familiarize the children with their words. 
Children in Things 1 have been learning some sight words of their own. /the/, /is/, and /it/, have been introduced. In addition to finding words, coloring them, matching, writing, and circling, they are also using a multi-sensory approach to create their words. Play-doh, and stamps were another fun way to learn!
Judaic/Hebrew :
During Tefillah the children observed the Ahron Kodesh. They learned that the letters represent the 10 commandments and that it is so important to be respectful around the Ahron Kodesh. We also had an AMAZING Tefillah with the Babaganoush and Ilanot classes filled with ruach song and dance!
It was also great fun playing Shimon Omer and Twister using lots of hebrew vocabulary.
This week we read 2 Parshiyot!
The first Parsha, Nitzavim, includes 3 major themes, among others, that we discussed: Teshuva (repentance), Choose Life, and that the Covenant between the Jews and God extends to and binds all of us to this day, and beyond today into the future.  Two groups in particular are mentioned: the wood choppers and the water carriers, and in our role play we had 2 roles: God and Moshe, plus 2 groups: wood choppers and water carriers. 
We listened to and watched the Fiddler on the Roof “To Life, To Life” here:
and talked about choosing Life and in general making good choices.
For this week’s parsha, we focused on the commandment to write — or participate in writing — a Sefer Torah, or Torah Scroll.  We discussed the review of Moshe’s life and the highlights — his birth, the burning bush, his approach to Pharoah, the 10 Plagues, the Exodus, Mt. Sinai, and handing over authority to Joshua.  We watched the godcast.  We continued preparing for Rosh Hashana — we reviewed the Brachot for apples, sang 3 Rosh Hashana songs, reviewed the bracha for hearing the Shofar, played Tapuach veDvash (like Coke and Pepsi) which included the 2 groups Tapuach and Dvash, plus the following group commands: Shofar! Devora! and Fish!  We also practiced doing Tshuva with our Tshuva game. The children did well in Whole School Tefila today, and led the Shema beautifully. We prepared for our upcoming Beekeeper workshop this coming Monday with a guest visitor named Bubbeleh Bumblebee, and reviewed honey-making in Hebrew and English. 
Week 1 : bathing suit בֶּגֶד יָם waves גַּל  surfboard גַּלְשָׁן  sand חוֹל  sunscreen קְרֶם הגנה
Week 2: toys   צַעֲצוּעַ  bucket   דְּלִי  fish  דָּג  chair   כִּסֵּא sun  שֶׁמֶשׁ
Week 3: Nitzavim: 
today  היום  covenant   בְּרִית  nation  עם  water  מַיִם land    אֶרֶץ
to speak   דִּבֵּר  holiday  חַג  ear  אֹזֶן  land  אֲדָמָה  tent  אֹהֶל
Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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