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18 Mar


The Keshet  and Babaganoush classes went on a wonderful field trip to  Lyman Center, to see Charlotte’s Web. It was a wonderful show and there were lots of giggles and laughs! We also had a wonderful visit from Vicki and Ron, who talked to us about Purim and then helped us make Purim masks!
This week our center’s consisted of the completion of out very first All About Me book!!!!! The children completed their chapters, conclusions, dedication pages and covers. Their books even have a bar code!!!! Children also listened to “The Rainbow Fish” on the iPads and were asked to illustrate and rite about their favorite part. 
For “reader’s workshop“, the first graders rotated through a variety of different stations. Guided reading station with Morah Beth, read to self station, in which children quietly read a book, on their level, independently. They also spent time at the read to someone station, where 2 children took turns reading to each other. Some of the skills that were focused upon were, fact vs. opinion, main idea, and supporting details. The next day while Morah Limor worked on Hebrew with the first grade, the kindergarten children worked through the same process. They too focused on main idea, and supporting details. 
In this weeks math lesson the first grade are continuing with addition and subtraction by making a ten, however this time they are working with larger groups of 10!
Kindergarten children are developing their math fact knowledge as well as the “counting on” strategy. 
Rather than ‘Word of the Day” writing , this week the children did a story summary on Charlotte’s Web. The children were asked to use the skills that they have been developing as readers to write about, characters, setting, problem, solution, and their opinions. They practices writing complete sentences by using words from the questions. 
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on “long o” words. The children were taught that there are words that have the long o sound with a variety of letter combinations. This week focused on “ow” and “oa”. 1st graders were given activities in their spelling books as well as hands on homework activities to develop knowledge of these words, and were then quizzed on Friday. . The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.
In Writer’s Workshop each child has been working on their All About Me Book. Once the Table of Contents was completed the children were able to look at their chapters and begin focusing on each one. Children have learned to incorporate detail and write as though the reader knows nothing about the topic. We call this informative writing and we are so excited to announce that their first book is complete with a tdedicaton page, table of contents, cover and barcode!!!
In this weeks Open Circle lesson we reviewed the traffic light signal. The “Problem Box” was also introduced. If a child has an issue that they need assistance with they can write about it, fold it up and put it in the problem box…all anonymously. We then meet as a class and attempt to “yellow light it” (brainstorm) on how to best solve the problem. 
In Science, we talked about exoskeletons. We focused crabs and lobsters. The children made it clear that they knew these sea creatures were NOT kosher 🙂 The class now knows that a crab has 6 legs and each leg has 7 parts!!!! They also know that they walk sideways because of the position of their legs, however, there are some crabs that walk forwards. Lobsters were also fun to learn about…
We ended the week with the Rainbow fish and creating our very own with shimmering scales just like the ones we read about. On each scale the children write what makes them a good friend and then all of the scaled were put together on one communal fish! Our classroom is really looking amazing. If you have not yet seen it please be sure to stop in and take a look!
This week we started a new Torah book, the book of Va-yikra, the first Parasha called Va-yikra. In this Parasha we learn the G-D  taught the Israelites about the worship in the Mishkan . In the Mishkan the Israelites were ask to bring a gift-offering to G-d. These gifts called sacrifices. A sacrifice is like a barbecue, because food was cooked on the Altar. The regular offering was to be made every day. Cooked cow, sheep, goat or even bird were brought as gifts. The afternoon offering was to be made of flour, oil and a spice. There were different offerings to express hope for peace or saying “I am sorry that I did something wrong”
Shabbat table question:
Today the Jewish people don’t sacrifices animals, how do we show today our thanks or saying we are sorry for something we did?
Group 1:Judaic centers allowed each child to make a grogger that looks like their favorite person from the Purim story. These will be saved for the Megillah reading so we can make lots of noise when we hear the name Haman!
Group 2: We started the V’ahavta. Students color coded the letters and drew symbols for the Hebrew words. Each group then shared their thoughts and feeling of what does it mean when we say: “You shall love your G-d with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.
The keshet class started learning to chant / read and learn the meaning of the words in the Birkat Hamazon. We learned that the word Birkat come from the words Barech/ Berach (blessing).
 We learn that Hebrew verbs have a Root (Shoersh) The Shoersh for the word Birkaht is: Bet, Resh, Chaf (Chaf sofit/final chaf). When we recite the Birkah/t we show that we are thankful for the food that G-d provides for us and the entire world (Hebrew – Olam). The word Mazon translated has all different type of food.
NEXT WEEK THERE WILL BE NO  WACKY WEDNESDAY. Thursday will be our Purim carnival and children will dress up for the celebration. 
Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!!!!
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