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24 Mar

Secular Studies:
Another busy week at Ezra! Hopefully everyone had the chance to read about our most recent Open Circle review regarding teasing. We have really been working on compliments and kindness to others while still making sure to allow children to stand up for themselves, and express, even their discontent appropriately. All of the children have been reminded how important it is for them to speak up if they are feeling, scared, uncomfortable, angry, sad, or even if something just doesn’t feel right to them. We would love for these skills to be modeled and practiced at home as well. 

Reading groups this week consisted of a variety of books for different groups. We now have EVERY Keshet student reading!!!!! After reading a book from the Reading A-Z program, children focused on specific skills. Some are developing their ability to identify main idea and supporting details, while others are working on description of characters, identifying characters, setting, and the problem. In addition to these skills some groups are learning about, synonyms, adjectives, and other grammar/parts of speech. 

Things 1 were introduced to new sight words /this / and /that /. While Things 2 were given their new Spelling words that focused on more long /o/ words. (/oa/, /ow/). Children were asked to practice their sight words in their favorite way and send photos. From magnetic writing to rainbow words and flashcards the photos came rolling in. (see photo link)
Things 2 are also continuing to develop their Language skills by developing their ability to understand and use different parts of speech. Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs. 
This week in math the Things 1 are continuing to work on addition and subtraction methods. This week we spent time on understanding that the = symbol means the same as. The children learned that this symbol can be used at the beginning or the end of an equation. 
Things 2  began a unit on shapes. They started the week by using the pattern blocks and having to follow some very specific directions in order to create some very specific designs. This demonstrated the many ways shapes can be created as well as how the shapes can fit together. Hexagon, rhombus, trapezoid, triangles and squares were used for this activity. On Tuesday they moved back into their books to see these same shapes divided into halves and fourths. An introduction to fractions was a unit was very exciting for Things 2!!! The week ended with an art activity that taught symmetry and halves.
Double Parsha: Vayakhel & Pekudei: we watched the godcast and Alephbeta videos.  We did a mini role-play about how much work is involved with kindling a fire from scratch — and its prohibition on Shabbat.  We read a few books about Shabbat, and talked about Betzalel, the chief builder and artist.  His special “added” mitzva: Hiddur Mitzva, or making other mitzvot even more beautiful.  We started our unit on Pesach, and are deep into learning the 4 questions.  Our Hametz Hide and Seek was engaging: Things 2 hid 10 pieces of “Hametz” (glitter paper) and Things 1 found them; we will do the reverse as well. Ask your child about the new Knock Knock joke we learned…hint: it has to do with Bar…Chu.  

tent   אֹהֶל  generous    נָדִיב  purple    אַרְגְּמָנִי  around  סָּבִיב pure    טָהוֹר
Hebrew Vocabulary for this week included the following words. 
benches    סַפְסָל  rainbow   קֶשֶׁת  community   קְהִלָּה  challah   חַלָּה  weather   מֶזֶג אֲוִיר
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