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25 Mar

The Keshet class began the week with a snow delay…on the first day of spring no less!!! Thankfully all of the snow melted quickly and we were back to being able to use our entire playground for recess. We would also like to welcome Kevin, Bob, and Stuart (Hebrew names Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov) our tadpoles, to the classroom. In addition to our ocean unit, we will be learning about the life cycle of a frog. We are hoping to have frogs in time for Pesach 🙂
The centers for this week were; “Commotion In The Ocean”  Children listened to a story on the Ipad and answered comprehension questions using complete sentences. Children are being taught how to use parts of the question to help answer in a complete sentence. They were then asked to illustrate and label a picture of their favorite part of the story. 
This week for “reader’s workshop“, Morah Limor started the week out by working with the Kindergarten students on Hebrew. The first graders rotated through a variety of different stations. Guided reading station with Morah Beth, read to self station, in which children quietly read a book, on their level, independently. They also spent time at the read to someone station, where 2 children took turns reading to each other. The next day while Morah Limor worked on Hebrew with the first grade, the kindergarten children worked through the same process. 
In this weeks math lesson the first grade as well as kindergarten children learned about 3 digit addition. First graders used photographs and word problems to come up with and solve equations while kindergartners used dice to roll and solve. 
They all grasped the concept well and were excited to do so!
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word “sure”.  The children were given the words and asked to write two complete sentences, (uppercase, punctuation, and a complete thought in between). After writing their were asked to illustrate one or both sentences. 
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on “adding ed” to words to make them past tense. The children were taught the terms past and present tense. 1st graders were given activities in their spelling books as well as hands on homework activities. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.
In Writer’s Workshop each child have been taught a new form of writing…Opinion Writing. The children are beginning to practicing their persuasive writing skills. They each chose a topic they felt strongly about and are trying to convince the reader that they are right!
This weeks Open Circle lesson focused on Interviewing. This is a process that we use to get to know someone better. the class was introduced to this concept by watching Morah Beth pretend to be a television interviewer. We talked about possible interviews they may have seen, (on TV or between a parent/teacher)
The class then had to think of a person they wanted to interview and come up with a list of “why”, “how”, “when” and “what ” questions. 
In Science, the children continued to learn about ocean life. This week’s topic was sea turtles. surprisingly the class has a great deal of prior knowledge and some were able to teach their classmates about them. Ask your child some of these questions…
How long can a sea turtle live? 
This week book is Va-yikra – Parashat  Tzav, We learn that G-d teach the Israelites that there should always be a burning flame on the altar. Aaron and his sons always had to be ready to make an offering. There were 3 offerings that should have been made: a morning offering, an afternoon offering and an evening offering. People could make offerings when they wanted to say “thank you” or “I am sorry”.
G-d reviewed the rules for how to make an offering and he order the Israelites not to eat any blood, or eat meat from an animal which was killed by a wild animal.
Group 1: We learn a traditional Hebrew Purim song called: Litzan Katan Sheli (my little clown),
This week’s Judaic center activities were Purim Marionettes. Morah Limor taught the children the song Laitzan Katan Sheli (My Little Clown) and this was followed by making special marionettes for purim. The children also continued to learn about the Shema. They practiced reading it as well as learning it’s meaning,  
There is NO  WACKY WEDNESDAY next week.
Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!!!!
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