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13 Mar

What a wonderful week! We had Gilah Benson-Tilson come to class to teach us about this week’s parsha and the Urim V’tumim. We learned that this symbol is part of the Yale insignia. 
We were also visited by Miss Jenine. She taught the Keshet and Babaganoush classes sign language to go along with songs. (Check out the Ezra FB page for a video!!!!) We were able to show her one of the new songs with signs that we have learned as well. As if all that wasn’t enough, Morah Lilach (Michal S’s Ima) came to play a trivia game with us. If we answered a question incorrectly, there would be a task to accomplish. (Counting backwards from 20 in English and Hebrew, charades, jump on one leg while singing, the ale bet, sing a Purim song, spell the word play in English and Hebrew, etc…)
Secular Studies:
We are, of course, continuing to practice our Open Circle skillsCommunication with others is an extremely important skill that children this age struggle with. The children are being taught that we are all entitled to have our own feelings, even if they are not in line with others. The most important thing to remember is to be respectful of other’s feelings. Through the use of our “I Feel’ sentence, and calm voices we can share our feelings without hurting the feelings of others. If words are not working children can use the Solution Station or ask a teacher for assistance. 

Reading groups went back to normal after Dr. Seuss week!. The story online was Harry the Dirty Dog. Each reading group had the opportunity to hear the story and work on a sequencing activity, as well as matching, and an illustration. Other groups worked on main idea, supporting details, sequencing, and using a venn diagram. Each group read something different to match their reading level appropriately. 

Things 1 were introduced to new sight words /sit/ and /good/. While Things 2 were given their new Spelling words that focused on the ling /i/ spelled with /y/. 
Things 2 are also continuing to develop their Language skills. Nouns and pronoun work has continued as well as as an introduction to adjectives (or describing words). 
This week in math the Things 1 continued their work on addition equations and finding sums by using the counting on method. They also learned about adding 0. On Wednesday subtraction was introduced as was counting backwards. Children are being reminded how to use the number bond and the part-part-whole strategy to solve these types of equations and find the “difference”. 
Things 2  continued with the multiplication unit. The same strategy used to make addition stories is now being used to make multiplication stories. Multiplication within 40 was the theme for this weeks unit.  In addition to the book and workbook, children were provided with dice to create their own multiplication equations. These equations were represented with numerals as well as illustrations. There was also a review of mathematical vocabulary (sum, difference) and an introduction to the work product. 
Parshat Tetzaveh: We watched the godcast and Alephbeta video.  We did our role play, including: Aaron and his four sons — Nadav, Avihu, Itamar and Eleazer, Moshe, and God; the cinnamon bearer, cloves bearer, olive oil bearer, and ner tamid (eternal light) bearer.  We discussed what the Ner Tamid means in every sanctuary.  We had a visit from the Kohen HadGadol this week, who also accompanied us to Whole School Tefillah.  We talked about work uniforms — doctor, construction worker, police officer, fire fighter, dentist, nurse, etc.; and how detailed the description is a the Kohen Hagadol’s work uniform in this week’s parsha! Gilah Benson-Tilsen visited and did a powerpoint about the Parsha, and an art activity with glitter paper about the Urim veTumim.  It’s on the Yale insignia! In Hebrew! From this week’s parsha! And we had a great visit from Morah Lilach who did a fun Hebrew Trivia Quiz.  Thank you!  We sang lots of Purim songs, watched fun Purim videos, and read books about Purim.  Ask your children about “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McPherrin.   Our new tune for Oseh Shalom using sign language/hand motions tied in nicely with the visit from Janine, who taught sign language in song. 

clothes   בגדים   ring   טַבַּעַת  chain  שַׁרְשֶׁרֶת  row   טוּר  always   תָּמִיד
Hebrew Vocabulary for this week included the following words.
hotdog    נַקְנִיקִ. plane   מָטוֹס. sand    חוֹל. book   סֵפֶר. help   עֶזְרָה  mask   טַבַּע costume   תַּחְפֹּשֶׂת  laugh   צָחַק  talk   דִּבֵּר  shoes נַעַל
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