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24 Feb

Secular Studies: 
Social Studies, began with a lesson about President’s Day and George Washington. Children learned that he was the first president of the United States and after referred to as “the father of our country”. Ask your children about… George as a child. How he loved to ride horses, and his first job was measuring land and making maps. George was a great soldier which is why he was asked to lead the army against England. After winning the war he was asked to become President of the United States. 
Reading groups continued with four groups, each reading at their appropriate levels and focusing on skills that were introduced in the stories they were provided.
This week we did a  lot of writing. Due to the fact that we are preparing for Dr. Seuss’ birthday on march 2nd, the children have heard 2 of my favorites. The Cat In The Hat and The Lorax. After each story children had a writing activity and an art activity to go along with their writing. This work is proudly displayed on the bulletin bored outside the classroom.
Things 1 were reviewed sight words previously given, while Things 2 were given their new Spelling words that focused on /ai/, /ay/ sounds.
Things 2 are also continuing to develop their Language skills. Capitalization is really being focused on in a variety of ways. Special names of people, places, days of the week, and months of the year. 
In math the Things 1 have learned about number bonds and have begun the addition unit!!!!! They are now able to visually see how number bonds connect to the addition process. 
Things 2  began the unit on 3 digit addition. They are keeping in ind how to make a ten and using previously taught strategies to solve the equations. 
Parshat Mishpatim: We watched the godcast and Alephbeta video.  We sang Debbie Friedman’s 613 Commandments, and read “The Littlest Mountain” and “Ten Good Rules”.
We had a robust Whole School Tefillah, enhanced by the Ramah Shabbaton and Song Leader Boot Camp that I attended together with 3 of the other Judaics staff from Ezra.  The 5 days were inspiring, energetic, educational, and fun.  We look forward to “bringing it home” to Ezra, for the benefit of ourselves, the children, and the entire school community.  If you wish to receive links to the music that we learned and experienced, so that you too can learn and experience it with your children, please let me know and I will be happy to send the links. 
YITRO vocab:
judge   שׁוֹפֵט  desert   מִדְבָּר  steal   גָּנַב  lie   שֶׁקֶר  be jealous   חָמַד
Torah  תּוֹרָה  laws   מִשְׁפָּט  free   חינם  under   תַּחַת  witness   עֵד
Hebrew Vocabulary for this week included the following words. 
pineapple    אָנָנָס   glasses   מִשְׁקָפַיִם   ear   אֹזֶן   earrings   עָגִיל   mouse   עַכְבָּר
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