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09 Feb

We would like to thank all of you for participating in today’s Siddur Ceremony! The children worked so incredibly hard, learning the Tefillot and songs. They have been practicing being leaders of Tefllah and in our opinion are a true success! They were so wonderful, and so excited to receive their very own Siddur. We are sooooooo proud!!!! 
Next week, starting on Monday, the Ezra Academy Student Council is sponsoring Spirit Week for the entire school, Kindergarten through Grade 8.  
We encourage all students to dress up to celebrate these days:
MONDAY:  PAJAMA DAY: Wear your comfy night clothes to school.  
TUESDAY: MOVIE/ TV CHARACTER DAY:  Dress up as your favorite character from a movie or television show.  
WEDNESDAY: SPORTS DAY:  Wear the uniforms of your favorite team and/or sport.
THURSDAY: CRAZY SOCK DAY: Wear crazy socks. 
FRIDAY: TWINSY DAY:  Pick a partner and dress the same as that person; match your outfits.  

Open Circle: 

This month we are compiling all of the skills that we have learned and seeing how we can use them to tie into celebrating black History Month. On Monday we reviewed what we had learned about Dr. King, and all that he did for the civil rights movement. I stressed that Dr. King was about kindness, respect, and equality. Our Open Circle program speaks at great length about recognizing differences, giving and receiving compliments, and treating others fairly. All throughout the month we will be paying close attention to the differences we see in others and how we think it makes them special. We will be displaying respect, patience, and acceptance. Please help your children at home by recognizing these differences and modeling these behaviors for them. 

Secular Studies:
Reading/Writing and Language Arts 
This week we went about reading and writing a bit differently. A Writer’s Workshop ‘mini-lesson” took place teaching about Narrative writing. Children learned that narrative writing can be real or make believe`, has characters and a setting, has a beginning middle and end, and is in a particular order. We then broke this style of writing down to something called a “small moment’. small moments are one incident that occurs within a larger situation. For example: a vacation to Disney World, where the writer would focus specifically on one incident that occurred within the trip. Each child thought about their small moment and wrote and illustrated a short story about their experience. 
If children were not writing they were reading within their groups. Books were being independently re-read from earlier in the week, and skills continue to be developed. This week some groups learned about antonyms, while others found and used adjectives, and identified problems and solutions. 
Math Centers:
Things 1 – are continuing to develop a number sense with numbers to 20. They are visually representing these numbers by creating group of 10.
Things 2 – began and completed a unit on graphing. From picture graphs, and bar graphs, to tallying! The completion of this until was also the completion to book #1!!!!! Woooohooooo 
washer Koach Things 2!!!!!

Spelling/Sight Words:

Things one learned some new sight words this week (in, me, and) . They practiced reading these words and also changing them from lower case to upper case. 
Things 2 spelling list consisted of a mixed long vowel review. Using the silent /e/ skills they have learned children were given a variety of long vowels sounds to learn…and learn them they did!!!! The spelling quiz scores are getting better with each passing week. 
Judaics/Hebrew :

We watched the Mishpatim godcast and then acted out the book Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher — as Kashrut is one of the rules in this week’s parsha.  We played Shimon Omer with the noises of various animals — kosher and not kosher.  We continued with the song Naaseh veNishma, as the phrase appears in this week’s parsha.  We continued our exploration of the 3-letter root system in Hebrew, with the 3-letter root of…Mishpatim.  We read the book: “The School with No Rules” and watched this priceless video about school rules:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddvTFgzkS5M.  We followed it up with a conga-line dance to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JoZS6LgqYI which was in the School Rules video.  All the children agreed it’s much better to have rules!
Siddur Ceremony! Please know that the children have been leading and participating in tefilot beautifully all year, so this morning was another in a long line of these tefilot with the extra kavanna — special intention — of leading tefila as shlichei tzibur as a group, and receiving their first Siddur.  What a special moment!  Thank you for your support in practicing their lines at home and taking the time and care in completing the beautiful inscription labels for their siddur volumes. 
Parsha Vocabulary:
send   שָׁלַח  rules   מִשְׁפָּט  insult   קִלֵּל  hit   הִכָּה  steal   גָּנַב

Please enjoy this week’s photos…

Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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