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26 Jan

It’s hard to believe that ONE WEEK from today your children will have another milestone in their lives. Their first siddur!!! They are working so hard and are so excited to share this special even with you. 
If your child has a sibling at Ezra they are welcome to attend (provided their classroom teacher permits).
Please be sure to RSVP to Morah Beth ASAP so we can determine the proper amount of snacks and treats. 

Open Circle: 

As we continue to review the skills previously taught, the expectations of the children become higher. They have all been exposed to these skills since the beginning of the school year, the expectation is such that they understand the skills, how we use them, and why. They are being held to a higher standard that they were in September. After the Siddur Ceremony we will continue the program with some new skills. 

Secular Studies:
Reading Group
 continue to develop in the most amazing way. The children are practicing on a daily basis at home…and it shows!!!!! Their reading levels are boring and groups are being adjusted as necessary. They continue to work in small groups and focus on specific skills according to their reading level and comprehension ability. Some of this weeks skills were;
 Identifying the problem and how it was solved, sequential order, KWL charts, as well as main idea and details.

Math Centers:
Things 1 – began their new books with a unit on number comparisons. They learned the difference between a number and a numeral, as well as more than, less than, and equal to.
Things 2 began their new unit on shapes. 2 and 3 dimensional. In addition to learning new shapes and vocabulary (dimensional, vertices sides/edges) they also learned about the stacking, rolling, and balance of particular shapes.


This week the children painted their body outlines in Art class and then added the internal organs we have studies this far. The brain, heart, and lungs were already completed and this week we talked about the kidneys and bladder.
Questions to ask your child…
How many Kidneys do we have?
What do the kidneys do?
What is a bladder?
How does it work? How is it connected to the kidneys?
* with all of this new found information don’t be surprised if the children ask you if you need to empty your bladder!!!  🙂

Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 had a sight word “quiz” where they were given a word with missing letters. For each word that was told to them they were asked to fill in the missing beginning, ending or medial sound. They were also provided with three new words. am, run, ran.
Things 2 were provided with a new list of words that focus on the long /o/ with the silent /e/ and ending /o/ words. From pre-test to quiz the children worked with their words in a variety of fun ways. 

Writing/Language Arts:

This week we talked about Poetry. In our Parsha Morah Miriam explained why a section of the the Torah looks a bit different in one section. It is because there is a poem…. right in our very own Torah!!!! We decided this was the perfect time to learn a bit about poetry. The children were asked what they knew about poetry. We then read some poetry books, and learned how to create our very own Acrostic Poem!
We are continuing to learn about nouns, verbs, and adjectives. And of course we are developing the ability to write in complete sentences, begin with an upper case and end with proper punctuation.

Judaic/Hebrew :

We watched the godcast and had a great and dramatic role play starring: God, Moshe, Nachshon complete with his Scuba diving gear, Miriam with her Timbrel, the Women, the 2 halves of the Red Sea, Pharoah, and Pharoah’s army.  We sang and danced to the Nachshon Rap by Rabbi Joe Black and Miriam’s Song by Debbie Friedman.  And more! We sang and danced to “Ushavtem Mayim” — and had a great time complaining bitterly about hunger and thirst.  We played a game in which each child got to pick their two favorite foods for their manna to taste like (midrash tells us that manna would taste like whatever the consumer wished it to taste like).  There was a lot of ice cream mentioned. 
Parsha Vocabulary:

close   קָרוֹב  cloud   עָנָן   fire   אֵשׁ   poem   שירה   war   מִלְחָמָה

We talked about poetry and saw how the Song of the Sea looks so different from the rest of the text in the Torah Scroll — like a poem! as it is…a poem! We also talked about the special Shabbat this week: Shabbat Shira — the Singing Shabbat! It is related to the parsha because the people were so happy that they spontaneously celebrated with song and dance when they crossed the Red Sea (before they started complaining of thirst and hunger that is!).  We  listened to and sang Debbie Friedman’s Devora’s Song — about the wonderful Haftara this Shabbat.  Devora the Judge is the subject of the Haftara, and is well worth a read.

Judaics Centers this week: Tu Beshvat Hebrew books; Color the 7 Species and Beshalach; Freeze Dance — Moshe, Nachshon and Miriam; Exodus Puzzle — while singing Dayenu, 4 questions, and Who Let the Jews Out; The Hungry Caterpillar (Hebrew) with Felt Pieces/Choose your Favorite Manna Flavor.

Please enjoy this week’s photos…
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Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!

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