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27 Jan

The week was filled with new math units, crafts for the Torah Ceremony and Tu B’Shevat, songs, plays, and we are up to a really great part in our read-a-loud, James and the Giant Peach! 
Open Circle skills are practiced daily. The use of communication skills ,the “I Feel” sentence, The Traffic Light, and Responsibility Mats are staple tools in the classroom. We are continuing to encourage respect towards peers, adults, materials, and themselves. Non-verbal signals for wanting to share in a group, the bathroom/water request, and agreements are modeled by teachers and children alike. These are all important skills that we encourage to be used at home as well. 
Hebrew vocabulary is practiced and spoke daily. This week’s new words are…
key   מַפְתֵּחַ   blue   כָּחֹל   Pharaoh   פַּרְעֹה   Calendar   לוּחַ   Disc     דִּיסְק

Reading groups have shifted a bit. As children are developing their reading/comprehension skills the groups are changing. We have a number of groups reading from the Trophies series. There are a variety of stories that focus on different genres. Fantasy, fiction, and non-fiction were read. Each group also had an opportunity to listen to “Enemy Pie” from storylineonline.com. After hearing the story they were asked to write/draw the characters, problem, and solution. Children are also learning about main idea and details. 

Things 1 were introduced to new sight words /went/ and /give/. While Things 2 were given their new Spelling words that focused on the long /o/ sound. 
Things 2 are also continuing to develop their Language skills. This week they learned about the naming part of a sentence (subject) and that a naming part can name more than one thing or person. 
This week in math the Things 1 and Things 2  are learning how to compare numbers. While things 1 are using the vocabulary more and less to compare numbers, Things 2 have been using addition/subtraction to compare numbers. 

We watched the Godcast and Alephbeta video.  We had our role play, which included: God, Moshe, Aaron, Pharoah, Blood, Frogs, Wild Beasts, Animal disease, boils, lice, hail; we read books: The Frog in the Kitchen Sink,  The Ten Plagues of Egypt, Let My People Go, and Moses the Leader.  I shared with them my David Moss Haggadah; they used magnifying glasses to see some of the amazing micrography.
We listened and danced to this a lot:
We continued learning about Tu BeShvat; Rosh Hodesh Shvat is this Shabbat.  Make sure to recite Hallel with your children.  The children are doing great with preparing for the Torah Ceremony! Keep up the good work!
Parsha Vocabulary:
blood  דָּם
frog   צְפַרְדֵּעַ
slavery   עַבְדוּת
prophet   נָבִיא
lice   כִּנָּה
Shabbat Shalom
Beth and Miri
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