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22 Jan

Another awesome week….even though it was a short one...
Open Circle: 
The Open Circle is a wonderful way to review the social skills that are so important to children at this age. It is so important for children to learn and master these skills in order to be a successful student. We are continuing to work on and develop mastery of the following skills;
 following directions, not interrupting others, independent working/center expectations, how to cooperate with peers by using the “I feel” sentence as well as the traffic light symbol, giving and receiving compliments, and recognizing differences in others. For this week’s lesson we spoke a great deal about MLK Jr., and how we can honor his memory. showing kindness, love, and acceptance are skills that we are and will continue to work on. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Groups 
Some children completed their reading books on MLK. After completion each reading group was provided with new story. Skills that we are continuing to develop are; reading with fluency, focusing on punctuation, main idea, details, problem/solution, and cooperation while reading in a group. The children are really doing an amazing job of working through their books and using their partners for assistance when needed. 
Math Centers: 
Things 1 have been introduced to some new math centers that include shape recognition, simple addition. Next week we will begin a new unit on comparing numbers to 20.  
Things 2 finally completed the unit on adding and subtracting by making a 10! This was a really challenging unit with many steps, and I am so proud of all of the children for giving their best efforts and not giving up!
Social Studies:
A review of Dr. martin Luther King and a continuation of reading his biography, was a great way to being out week. The children were asked how they celebrated or honored Dr. King. many of them were unsure of what to say until I reminded that that if they were kind to someone or showed love to someone they were doing exactly what Dr. Kind would have wanted!
This week we talked about the lungs. The children learned that air enters our bodies through the nose and mouth. The air that is taken in fills up each lung taking in oxygen. They also learned that the lungs trade air with the blood. Lungs take in the “good air” (oxygen)  and send out the ‘bad air” (carbon dioxide) through the blood. Lastly we talked about the giant muscle under the lungs that helps squeeze the air out called the diaphragm.
It was especially fun to color in the images of organs and place them on the body outlines. 
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 were given new sight words. This week they are learning out, off, and up. 
Things 2 were provided with a new list of words that focus on the long /i/ with the silent /e/.
This week new writing centers were introduced. Children are focusing on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. There are a variety of new centers that focus on these skills in a fun game like manner. 
Judaic/Hebrew :
We watched the godcast for Bo and did our role play including: God, Moshe, Aaron, and Pharoah.  Some brave children got to be blindfolded and have their hand immersed in…pea soup! Why? Because plague #9, Darkness, was said in the midrash to be so tangible and thick that it was like…pea soup! We sang a silly song about Pea Soup called…”Give Peas a Chance”.  We had learning centers which included: Favorite Page of the Haggada; Freeze Dancing — Locusts, Darkness, Smite the First Born; Build your Own Clothespin Locust and Gobble Up the Classroom; 3 Plague Mazes; 3 Plague Coloring.  I brought in my Moss Haggada and magnifying glass to show the children how the central Mitzva of Pesach — telling our children the miraculous story of the Exodus — gets beautiful expression in this amazing Haggadah.  We have also begun to learn about Tu Beshvat in song, story, and dance.  Happy Birthday Trees!
Parsha Vocabulary:
citizen   אֶזְרָח   stranger   גר  army   צָבָא  to tell  להגיד  observe,  protect   לשמור
Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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