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20 Jan

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Tuesday January 31, 2017 
at 9:00am 
in the 
B’nai Jacob Chapel
The Keshet Torah Ceremony 
A short week certainly doesn’t equate to less activity!!!! We began the week as usual with calendar (English and Hebrew), and Tefillah. This weeks leaders were Sophie and Orly, who took their responsibilities quite seriously and with lots of ruach!!!! We ended the week with a change of scenery. Children got new seats and a new perspective on the classroom! We spoke briefly about today’s inauguration. We talked about the difference between an election and an inauguration and how the two are connected. Children were also asked what they would do if they were president!
In preparation for out Torah Ceremony, we have been practicing our songs and lines. Please be sure to practice daily with your children using the lines that were sent home with them last week. Remember, we are looking for lots of enthusiasm! The children took some time to think about all they have learned about the torah thus far. They were then asked to complete the sentence, “The Torah is important to me because, _______.” They had really wonderful things to say, which you will hear at the ceremony!
Hebrew vocabulary is practiced and spoke daily. This week’s new words are…
swing   נִדְנוּד   red   אָדֹם   basket   סַל   Mrs.    גְּבֶרֶת   with    עִם

Reading groups are consisted of the rotations where children each had the opportunity to listen to a story online, read in a group with me, and work independently on decoding and the specific skill that went along with their story. This week those children who had not heard “Chester’s Way” had their chance. They provided details about each of the characters and wrote about what makes them a good friend. Other reading groups learned about Fantasy, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Non-Fiction. Children gathered in small groups to read together and complete tasks that correspond to their stories. 

This weeks sight words (things 1) were /look/ /ate/ /will/ and /with/. While Spelling words (things 2) focused on long /i/ words. with a silent /e/. Things 2 also reviewed asking and telling sentences and all they need. (Upper case and punctuation). They also learned about the naming parts (subject) of a sentence. 
This week in math the Things 1 began their new math books, starting with comparing numbers 1-10. We started the new lesson by singing “The Ants Go Marching.” Children counted forwards and backwards and talked about comparing numbers that were smaller and larger. 
Things 2 began and completed a chapter on length. Vocabulary such as taller, shorter, tallest, shortest, longer, longest, etc. Using visual clues from the book as well as manipulatives children placed specific items in height order… including themselves! They also used standard and non-standard units of measurement to measure their hands and feet! 
ParshaShmot:  we watched the Godcast and Alephbeta video.  We had our role play, which included: Moshe, Aaron, Pharoah, Cruel Taskmaster, slaves, Tziporah, God, Shifra, Pua.  We acted out the birth of Moshe, the civil disobedience of the midwives, the burning bush, and God speaking to Moshe.  We sang parsha-related songs as we went: 

Eretz Zavat Halav and this jazzy one: “They said no to Pharoah; They said no to Pharoah; They said No No No No No No, They said No to Pharoah” which I hope they will sing to you.   We connected some of the civil disobedience concepts regarding Martin Luther King Day and the Midwives, and how the story of the Exodus served as a foundational example of the movement to freedom from slavery throughout history — including for MLK.  We talked about how we almost always obey rules and laws, but if a law is so flagrantly cruel or evil on its face — we in fact do not obey it.  Like the Pharoanic edict that the midwives did not comply with.   We read the book “Moses in the Bulrushes”. 
Parsha Vocabulary:

flock   צֹאן   bush   סנה   suffering    סָבַל   midwife   מְיַלֶּדֶת   cry   בָּכָה

Question for next week,
 Question for next week: what is your favorite plague and why?
Shabbat Shalom
Beth and Miriam 🙂
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