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10 Sep

I hope everyone enjoyed there long weekend. We got right back in the swing of things on Tuesday with our joint circle. Days of the week, months of the year, date and colors were all reviewed in both Hebrew and English. 
This week’s Tefillah leaders were Gabe and Gabrielle. Seeing as how these two are Keshet veterans they did a beautiful job of leading and helping others. Al Shlosha Devarim, Modeh Ani, and the Shema were recited and a new introduction of Ma Tovu and Hallelujah were introduced. 
This week’s centers included reading with Morah Beth, a listening center where the children heard the story Stellaluna and did their written work after. There was also a Hebrew reading group with Morah Limor and Hebrew on the iPad!
For our Social Studies unit we are talking “All About Me”. The children are learning what makes them different, and in turn special, as well as how we are all the same. Comparisons were made when two children were called up to the front of circle and the class was asked to find their similarities and differences. 
We have also begun to focus on Handwriting. Both Kindergarten and 1st grade have a new handwriting program from Zaner-Blozner. At this time we are talking about starting ALL letters from the top. They are also learning about the “strokes” used to correctly form letters. (vertical, horizontal, slant, forward circle and backward circle)  While the 1st graders have a solid understanding of letter/sound recognition the Kindergarteners are using this as a time to strengthen these skills as well as learning how to properly form their letters. Children are also learning to write their words with appropriate spacing between letters. This also carries over to writing sentences with the proper spacing between words. 
This week in Math the kindergarteners have been learning number recognition of numbers 1-5 and demonstrating one-to-one correspondence. The 1st grade is continuing to work on number bonds (part-part whole), and how to find the sum as well as a missing number. Children are able to use manipulatives and their books to help learn these concepts in an age appropriate manner. 
We also had a wonderful visit from our Emissaries, Vicki and Ron. We learned about them and taught them about us! We each got to create a puzzle piece that shows things that we rurally love. All of the puzzle pieces will be put together with the rest of the school’s on the bulletin board in the front of the school. 
Next week’s Wacky Wednesday is COLOR DAY... All Keshestudents should wear RED,  Other grades are assigned other colors and a school photo will be taken.

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