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15 Jan

The Keshet class continues to be busy with the art show preparation and, learning about Dr.King. 
This week’s Parsha is, Parshat Bo.  In class we learned that G-d had already sent seven plagues to Egypt but Pharaoh still refused to let the Israelite’s go. Next G-d sent the eighth plague, Locusts, which ate all the food that the Hail plague didn’t destroy. Pharaoh didn’t change his mind so G-d  sent the ninth plague, Darkness. The darkness was so heavy that the Egyptian can’t see each other or what is in front of them.
Pharaoh continued with his stubbornness and continued to change his mind once the plague was over. The tenth plague was the last plague. The death of the firstborn. On this night every firstborn Egyptian child would die, but G-d passed over all the Israelite’s homes and all of the Israelite’s children were safe. On the last night in Egypt, G-d has Aaron and Moses tell every Israelite family in Goshen to eat Lamb and put the lamb blood on their doorpost. when the angle of death is passing throughout Egypt he recognize the Israelite’s homes and “passover” them.
In the Morning Pharaoh finally changed his mind and let the Israelite’s leave Egypt. The The Israelite’s were at last free people.
Shabbat table talk questions:
1. Why didn’t Pharaoh want to free the people of Israel?
2. What did G-d do to make Pharaoh let the children of Israel leave?
3. What did Moses tell Pharaoh? was is important?
4. What is the name of the Jewish Holiday we celebrate today to remember that long, long ago our ancestors were sleeves and then got out to freedom?
Our center activities consisted of Guided Reading with Morah Beth. In honor of MLK Jr. Day the groups read stories about Martin Luther King Jr. Prior to reading the children filled out a KWL chart. What I know; what I want to know; what I learned, and what I still want to know. We then talked about “verbs, and past tense verbs”. Another group learned about synonyms and how to find the important events that then helped them create a summary of the book they read. Another center focused on “listen to Reading” Each child had an iPad and they listened to the story, “I Need my Monster”. After hearing this fun story, the children the children had the opportunity to create an illustration and short paragraph about a monster they created through answering a list of questions. Morah Limor’s station worked on the next parsha page for the “Torah” they are making. Another Judaic station 
In this weeks math lesson the first grade has completed chapter 6. They have developed numerous skills throughout this chapter that they have become comfortable using independently. The Kindergartners are also completing a chapter in their book. They have developed a solid understanding of patterning, sorting, and a number sense for numbers 1-10. They have also learned the terms greater and fewer. 
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words “could and would” The children were given the words and asked to write two complete sentences, (uppercase, punctuation, and a complete thought in between). After writing their were asked to illustrate one or both sentences.
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on the long /i/ sound. 1st graders were given activities in their spelling books as well as hands on homework activities. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in Hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.
For Social Studies began by learning about Salvador Dali. he children learned a bit about his history and how he was one of the few artists we have heard about so far, whose parents encouraged his creativity and enrolled him in art school. The concept of surrealism was complicated at first, but once they were able to see some of Dali’s actual work it became easier for them to understand. Some children chose replicate one of Dali’s pieces while others took the challenge of coming up with an original idea to illustrate. 
  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was also another extremely important historical figure that the children are learning about. They have each read and listened to stories about this amazing man and all of the incredible work he had sone. Be sure to ask your child about Dr. King, what he fought for, how he did it, and if he was successful in his attempts. 
This week’s Open Circle concentrated on “Being Calm” and “Getting Calm When You Feel Upset” There are a wide range of emotions children experience throughout the day. We talked about these feelings and they then learned some different breathing techniques to help calm their bodies. For example; 
* breathe in slowly and deeply, filling your bdlly with air like a balloon
* breathe out slowly
* breathe in through your nose, imagining the smell of a sweet flower. 
breathe out the “aaahhhhhh” sound. 
Everyone has their own way of calming down, however when strong feelings come about it is important for all of us to stop and practice our calm breathing. 
NEXT WEEK we will not have a WACKY WEDNESDAY HOWEVER, we will dress up for Tu B’Shavat on Friday. Dress for trees, and earth on Friday January 22nd in honor of Tu B’Shavat!!!
 Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!
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