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13 Jan

Another week has gone by with LOTS of learning and excitement! From measurement and shapes to sight and spelling words to learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The children were engaged eager and learned some valuable lessons on kindness and communication. 
In Social Studies we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We talked about the unfairness of the laws at that time and how Dr. King “fought” with his words. We talked about how it is sometimes really hard to do what is right and help others, but how it is also so important. The children watched the movie “Our Friend Martin” (which can be seen via youtube). After the movie we read a story, called “I Dissent” about Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The children were asked if they were able to make any connections between the two stories which they did!!! Be sure to ask your children about these two incredible heroes. 
Hebrew vocabulary is practiced and spoke daily. This week’s new words are…
hug  חִבּוּק  elephant  פִּיל  paper  נְיָר  bathroom  שֵׁרוּתִים  throat   גָּרוֹן

Reading groups are consisted of the rotations where children each had the opportunity to listen to a story online, read in a group with me, and work independently on decoding and the specific skill that went along with their story. This week those children who had not heard “Chester’s Way” had their chance. They provided details about each of the characters and wrote about what makes them a good friend. Other reading groups learned about Fantasy, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Non-Fiction. Children gathered in small groups to read together and complete tasks that correspond to their stories. 

This weeks sight words (things 1) were /look/ and /ate/. While Spelling words (things 2) focused on long /a/ words (with the silent /e/ at the end. 
Things 2 are developing their Language skills as well. This week telling and asking sentences were reviewed and making sure that ALL sentences are written with the correct capitalization and punctuation. 
This week in math the Things 1 continued the measurement chapter.  Vocabulary for this chapter continues to talk about standard/non-standard units of measurement; inches, centimeters, long, short, tall, height, length. They have also been introduced to weight. Heavy, light, and scales are the newest language introduced. A fun activity included the children walking around the classroom placing post-its with an H or an L on heavy and light items they saw, as well as searching the classroom for heavy and light items that they brought to the circle to share with others. 
Things 2 have begun the final chapter in book one, on two (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, octagon, and pentagon,) and three dimensional shapes ( cube, rectangular prism, cylinder, cone, and sphere). Children have explores these shapes and their ability to roll, stack, and slide. 
ParshaVaYehi: we watched the Godcast and Alephbeta video.  We had our role play, which included: Jacob, Joseph, Pharoah, Benjamin, God, Ephraim and Menasheh — plus all the brothers receiving their various “blessings”.  Ask your children about — who was the wolf? who was the boat? who was the donkey? who was the straight shooter? etc.   The parsha includes the aging and death of Jacob and Joseph.   We had fun playing Twister in Hebrew — review with them Yad Yemin, Yad Smol, Regel Yemin, Regel Smol, Kachol, Tzahov, Yarok, Adom.  

Parsha Vocabulary:
sick  חוֹלֶה  to bury  קָבַר  donkey  חֲמוֹר  ship  אֳנִיָּה  lion   אַרְיֵה
Question for next week,
Question for next week, Shmot: what is the act of civil disobedience in the parsha? (midwives disobeying Pharoah’s evil decree) What were the names of the midwives (Shifra, Puah)
Shabbat Shalom
Beth and Miriam 🙂
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