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08 Jan


The Keshet class had a wonderfully busy week! The highlight was definitely the continuation of our art unit…as well as the birthday celebration of two classmates!!!! Happy Birthday Zoe and Naama!!!
When the children of Israel (Yacov) came to Egypt, there were only 70 people in the family. After many years the family grew to 600,000. In Egypt now there was a new Pharaoh who didn’t know and remember Joseph.

He was afraid of the growing number of the Israelite’s, so he decided to turn them into slaves. He ordered his people to kill all newborn Jewish boys.One of the Israelis women name Yoceved had a son and in order to save him she put him in a basket which floated down the Nile river. The princess (daughter of Pharoah)  finds the baby and named him Moses.
Moses and his brother Aaron went to Pharaoh and told him “Let my People go” when Pharaoh refused, g-d sent the ten plagues: Blood’ Frogs, Lice, Wild beasts, Animal Disease, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, The Death of the first born.
Our center activities consisted of Guided Reading with Morah Beth. One group learned about details of a story and verbs. another group focused on sequential order and proper nouns. The third group worked on finding the problem and solution, while the last group focused on the main idea and details. While reading was taking place there was a math activity that revolved around tallying. When the children completed this, they went to the iPads and continued to make progress on Xtramath. The 2 Judaic centers consisted of work on last weeks and this week’s Parshiot. 
In this weeks math lesson the first grade finished up the unit on adding and subtracting by making a 10. (They are thrilled ☺ ) This has been a very challenging concept and they really have done an amazing job with it! Kindergarteners have completed their shape and patterning unit.
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words ” resolution” and  . The children were given the words and asked to write two complete sentences, (uppercase, punctuation, and a complete thought in between). After writing their were asked to illustrate one or both sentences.
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on the long /a/ sound. 1st graders were given activities in their spelling books as well as hands on homework activities. The Kindergarten children were provided with their sight words (some of which were in hebrew as well) and asked to practice them with their families. They too have hands on homework that allows them to become more familiar with reading and writing these words, in a fun and sometimes silly way.
For Social Studies, we are continuing our art unit in order to prepare for the big ART SHOW!!!!  This week we learned about Vincent Van Gogh. We read the book “Camille and the Sunflowers”. This story explained to the children how Van Gogh and his art were not well liked at first. It also talked about his love of sunflowers and introduced one of my personal favoriets, “Starry Night” After the story a short video was shown about Van Gogh’s style of painting. Children then went to their tables and with the use of MANY brushes and LOTS of paint, they were able to create their own masterpieces! The second artist was Picasso. The children learned about his many styles of painting and really enjoyed the distorted faces he would create. Of course that is what they then created. Some chose to replicate one of Picasso’s paintings and others chose to create their own! With all of the art excitement in the air we decided to clear out space in the classroom, cover the children’s clothing and become a classroom of Jackson Pollock’s! The spatter and drip technique was a huge hit with ALL of the children.  Be sure to come see our artwork on January 29th at our first ever Art Show!!!!
NEXT WEEK WACKY WEDNESDAY will be Decade Day. Pick a decade and dress in that style!!! 

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

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