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06 Jan

We hope everyone had an amazing vacation, Chanukah, and New Year. We are glad to be back together again, and were all eager to get back into the swing of things! We have also welcomed Gilead to our Keshet family, whose level of comfort with everyone and everything is a pleasure. Brachium Ha’baim Dov, Tali, and Gilead. 
In Open Circle we took some time to review skills that we have covered in the first half of the year.  The children were asked to demonstrate their SLL as well as the non-verbal signals that help prevent disruption in class. (bathroom signal, water signal, shin, I have a question, I agree)
We also reviewed  the “solution Station, Response-A-Ability mats, and how to handle our frustrations. 
Hebrew vocabulary is practiced and spoke daily. This week’s new words are…
swing  נִדְנדה  red  אָדֹם  basket   סַל  with  עִם  Mrs.   גְּבֶרֶת

Reading groups are consisted of the rotations where children each had the opportunity to listen to a story online, read in a group with me, and work independently on decoding and the specific skill that went along with their story. This week children heard “Chester’s Way” Each group had  chance to hear the story and at the end of the week we all listened to it together and discussed main idea, characters, setting, and important details. 

This weeks sight words (things 1) were /go/ and /can/. While Spelling words (things 2) focused on /th/ and /wh/ words. 
Things 2 are developing their Language Arts skills by learning about past and present tense verbs. 
This week in math the Things 1 completed their chapter on patterning and comparing numbers. Written numbers were represented through pictures, on their fingers and with manipulatives. They have begun a chapter on measurement. 
New Vocabulary: standard/non-standard units of measurement; inches, centimeters, long, short, tall, height, length. 
Things 2 completed the chapter on adding and subtracting by making a ten. This was a challenging concept for them to see and express through all of the necessary steps, but they did a fantastic job. They have a wonderful foundation for future use of this strategy. 
ParshaVayiggash: we watched the Godcast and Alephbeta video.  We had our role play, which included: Jacob, Joseph, Pharoah, Benjamin, God, and all the brothers.  We watched more excerpts from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  We enjoyed singing “Melech Malchei Hamelachim” — ask your children to sing the chorus with their usual robust voices.  Words are attached, and youtube clip is below.  We began to discuss our upcoming Torah Ceremony, including the songs: Al Shelosha Dvarim, Eitz Chayim Hi, Torah Torah Torah, and VaHaer Eineinu, as well as the next holiday…Tu B’Shvat.

Parsha Vocabulary:
control yourself     להתאפק   famine   רָעָב   land   אֲדָמָה   zero  אֶפֶס  law  חֹק
Question for next week,
 Prep for the week of 1/9/2017, Vayehi: read chapter 48, verse 16 together with your child, English and/or Hebrew; listen to and sing with this tune:  
Shabbat Shalom
Beth and Miriam 🙂
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