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23 Dec


The Keshet class had a short but productive week. We, of course, continued to rehearse for our Siddur ceremony, held 4 days worth of center activities in 2 days, did a mitzvah for another child, learned about a new artist, had a visit from the emissaries, Art, Music, PE, a special treat (Critter Caravan), and celebrated Morah Limor’s Birthday!!!!
We started the week by reviewing last weeks Parsash and continue with this week’s Parshat Va-yechi.

The Parsha starts with the words Va-yechi Yacov. We learned that Jacob take his family (70 people) and moves to Egypt. They settle in the land of Goshen. Jacob (Israel) is now very old and before he die he ask Joseph to bring him his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons.He then continues to bless each of his sons and ask them to promise to bury him in the Land of Canaan; the land that G-d has promised to give to Abraham’s future family.
Joseph tells his brothers that “someday, G-d will bring you back to the promised land”, and he makes them promise his that after he die they will bring him back to Canaan. 
Questions of the week:
* What is the name of the place that Jacob and his family moved to in Egypt? 
*Why do you think Jacob (Israel) blessed Joseph Sons? 
Because we have finished Bereshit, the children have started to put together their own Torah with all of their parsha pages!
Our center activities consisted of Reader’s Workshop with Morah Beth, where each group read a story and then completed a writing activity that focused on a specific skill. This week one group worked on Venn Diagrams, another on sequential order, while others focused on text based information. The children also had a listening center, where they heard the story, “Guji Guji”. After listening to the story they wrote about it using First, Next, and Last sentences. Some also had an opportunity to draw and write about the most interesting part of the story. 
 In this weeks math lesson the first grade worked on a method of subtraction; solving an equation my making a ten. The same strategy we used for addition, and while it is challenging they are rising to the occasion! Kindergarten children are developing the traits of 2 dimensional shapes.  
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word “they”. The word of the day is written on the board when the children arrive. At each seat, there is a paper with a space for writing and illustrations. Children are asked to write two, complete sentences and illustrate their writing. They then read their work to me. This is a great way for more exposure to sight words that are challenging.
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling assignment was to review all of the old spelling/sight words.
For Social Studies we learned about, Wassily Kandinsky. It wasn’t until Kandinsky was 30 that he decided to become an artist. Prior to this he was a musician, studied economics and law. Kandinsky liked to paint in the form of abstract art. It is said that he liked to paint his “inner world of imagination and feelings” The children were shown some of his most beautiful works of art and replicated them for the arts show!!!
A special Science treat was having Critter Caravan come and share different animals from around the world. This fantastically fun and educational visit taught us all about some very special animals and where they are from. Children learned specifics about the animals as well as got to touch/hold them. Morah Beth fell in love with Whiskers the chinchilla and even braved having Hugs, the snake around her neck!
This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on a review of skills learned thus far. There are many classroom opportunities that arise that allow us to practice the skills we have learned. When an event does come around we use it as a teachable moment and ask the children to help in solving the problem.  We encourage you to use the skills that we have been developing at home as well. 
NEXT WACKY WEDNESDAY (January 6th) will be Sports Team Day. Represent your favorite team with a Jersey, t-shirt, jacket, etc…
 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and a wonderful vacation!
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