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22 Dec

They did it!!!!! All of their hard work paid off! The children did an amazing job on stage for the Chanukah production, and we simply could not be more proud of them! They sat through whole school rehearsals perfectly, and really gave the performance their very best! In my opinion they stole the show… ❤❤❤
On Wednesday, as you can imagine, we were quite tired,and it was a bit of a slow going morning, so it was a bit of a relaxing day. We read Mr. Popper’s Penguins and actually made our deadline of finishing it by Friday. We had to do this because Friday was compare and contrast day! How was the movie different than the book. We are now in negotiations for the next read-a-loud! 🐧📚
Thursday consisted of Whole School Tefillah  where the Keshet children demonstrated their knowledge of this week’s Parsha. Rabbi Amanda and Dr. Waynik were quite impressed with their ability to answer questions and provide details. GO KESHET!!!!🌈
On Friday we said Farewell to Sophie M. 😢 The children helped make her day super special by allowing her to handle all of the “classroom jobs”. Le’s just say her last day was a busy one. ☺ We wish Sophie and her entire family the very best of luck with their move to Switzerland! We will miss you Sophie!!!!!
We wish you all a relaxing and fun filled vacation and a very Happy New Year!!! 🎉🎇🎆
Please enjoy the photos from this week and we will be back to academic information upon the return to school. 
Beth and Miriam

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