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18 Dec

The Keshet class came back from the weekend well rested and ready for a fun week of learning! We are continuing to practice for our Siddur Ceremony each morning. Children are learning the tefillot as well as their lines and songs to perform! It is sure to be a wonderful day! We were also very lucky to have Nurse Carolyn come in to teach us about germs and how they travel. Glitter was used to represent the germs and how they can spread from one person or surface to another. Children were the taught the proper way to wash their hands, and everyone got to practice! We have also added to our weekly fun. As if Wacky Wednesday weren’t enough, we have incorporated “Thirsty Thursday”.  Each Thursday we will be having a special treat. We have already had hot chocolate, and this week we made some delicious fruit smoothies. Hot apple cider and fresh squeezed juices are in our future.  
This week’s Parsha, was Parashat Va-yigash
Joseph’s brothers were brought before him and Joseph saw his brother Benjamin. Joseph filled their bags with grain and put money in their sacks. Before they traveled too far Joseph sent his men to chase after them. Joseph’s man found a silver cup in Benjamin’s bag, Joseph then reveled his identity to his brothers who were shocked, embarrass and afraid. Joseph told them not to fear and that he was no longer angry with them. They hugged and kissed. Joseph asked them to bring Jacob and their families to live in Canaan until the famine was over.
When Jacob heard that Joseph was still alive he could hardly believe it. He wanted to see Joseph before he was too old to go on the journey.
Questions of the week
 * What was the real name of Tzafanat Panayach?.:
* Why do you think Joseph recognized his brothers, but they didn’t recognize him? 
Our center activities consisted of guided reading with Morah Beth. Each reading group read aloud with me and had a written activity to follow that focused on a specific skill. We have been focusing on different genres. Realistic Fiction, Fiction, and Non-Fiction.
For the math center the class was introduced to a game called “Roll and Record”. Each child got 2 or 3 dice. They rolled them and after determining the sum, wrote the equation in the correct column. Morah Limor had her Parsha group, as well as an activity that broke down the 12 tribes, and the children were asked to illustrate the symbols for each of the tribes.
In this weeks math lesson the first grade worked on methods of addition and subtraction. Children have been learning to subtract by making a 10. They have also learned how to solve my making a doubles fact This is a challenging concepts, but all of the children are really giving it their all! In order to make a ten one of the numbers from the equation must be broken down (into a number bond). Kindergarten children and learning the names and attributes of 2 dimensional shapes. We have been talking about sides, angles, corners, etc.
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words “where” and “once”. The children came up with two sentences and illustrations to match.
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on -th and -wh words. Children are given their spelling words on Monday and expected to practice throughout the week. They are assigned written homework twice a week, and expected to spell their words correctly after they are quizzed.
For Social Studies, the art unit continues. This week we are learning about Georgia O’Keeffe! He stunning watercolor flowers grasp the attention of everyone. Children were read a story and learned that Georgia O’Keeffee liked  paint natural things. She also likes to make the items she painted more simplistic. Sometimes she even painted shaped and colors that she visualized. Georgia also modeled for another artist. He photographed her and they eventually ended up falling in love and getting married. After learning a bit about this incredible artist the children were provided with watercolors and paper and asked to replicate or create their own O’Keeffe style paintings. They also learned about amazingly talented Leonardo da Vinci. Many of the children were surprised to learn that he was not only a painter, but also a sculptor, inventor, mathematician, and musician! The children were provided with some of Da Vinci’s famous works of art to replicate. These of course will also be on display and “for sale” at our Art Show!
This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on ” Understanding Feeling Words”. children were asked to look at photographs of themselves and describe the feelings each photo represented.  They were then asked to give examples of other feelings they sometimes have.  I then provided an emotion and asked the children to provide an example of when they may have felt like this. They were then provided with different situations and asked to fill in the blanks of this sentence. “I would feel______________, because ______________.”  The class was also reminded that any feeling they experience is OKAY to have. Even if it is anger, fright, sadness… After the lesson each child was given a paper, asked to draw their own feeling face and complete an ” I feel” sentence. 
Handwriting continues to be an important focus in the classroom. Children are working through their handwriting workbooks, focusing on the usage of the lines, as well as letter formation. This week Kindergarten has been introduced to punctuation. (periods and commas) First graders are also developing the proper letter formation as well as letter spacing within a word and word spacing within a sentence. 

 Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!
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