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15 Dec

It’s Chanukah!!!!!! As you can imagine, we have all been waiting! We are practicing our songs and dances for next week’s production and very much looking forward to it!   
Open Circle: 
We began our week with a lesson on what it means to have a “cooperative Classroom. Each of the lessons we have learned about thus far allow us to have this type of environment. Leaving an empty space in the Open Circle, getting in and out of activities safely, knowing each other, classroom rules, active listening, non-verbal signals, giving and receiving compliments, including on and other, DD behaviors, how to handle when someone annoys you, the “I Feel” sentence, teasing, accepting and understanding difference, and speaking up are ALL things that we need in order to maintain a safe, comfortable, cooperative classroom. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Groups – 
While reading takes place in a variety of ways throughout a variety of activities, our actual reading groups have been slowed down this week due to the chanukah production. Children are always encouraged to read directions, and with the center based learning for math and writing, lots of reading has been taking lace. 
Math Centers: 
Things 1 completed the unit on patterning. Children should be able to complete and create patterns of 2, 3, and 4. They began the next unit on “comparing numbers”. They have been using the vocabulary “more” and “fewer”. 
Things 2 began a VERY challenging unit on adding by making a ten. This process includes a series of steps that allow children to visualize and create a group of ten, thus making the equations easier to solve. 
step 1: find a way to make a ten AND make a “peanut”
step 2: finish the number bond.
step 3: add the peanut and write the equation.
step 4: add the ten to the number that is left. 
We will soon be learning about the lungs. In order to have a really fun craft we will need water bottles. Please send your child in with 1 water bottle (preferably 12-16 oz. Thank you 🙂
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 learned three new sight words, /did/, /will/, /are/. The children have been exposed to a large variety of sight words and are expected to continue to read and review them on a regular basis. Last week they were given a “quiz” where some letters from some designated words were left out and they had to fill them in. They did a great job, so this week we added a few new words for another “quiz” I suspect the excitement of having “quiz” will wear off by the later grades so we are running with it while we can! 😉
Things 2 learned about /wh/ and /th/ words this week. They are provided with a variety of activities within their spelling books, that allow them to use a multitude of methods to learn. 
Writing centers once again, went quite well. Using our centers from last week, stamping spelling words and words that rhyme with them, Starfall Reading, magnetic letters to create spelling words and write sentences with, and of course a continuation on “How To” writing. The children once again impressed me with their ability to work in their groups. 
Judaic/Hebrew :
 We watched the Miketz godcast.  We had a great role play with 7 fat cows and 7 skinny cows, Joseph, Jacob, the brothers, Benjamin, the Goblet, and Shimon. We listened to the Philadelphia Chickens — The Cows, and made cow puppets.  Our parsha coke and pepsi included: Jacob, Joseph, dreaming multiple dreams, the cows, and Joseph saving.  We talked about “saving for a rainy day” (or in the case of the parsha — many many non-rainy days!) and about the ancient banking institution: a savings account.   We talked about Joseph’s recognizing his brothers, hiding this fact,  falsely accusing his brothers of being spies, and his tears (sadness? happiness? a mixture?).  We also learned the brachot for Hanuka candlelighting and the vocabulary, story, songs, and meaning of Chanuka.
Parsha Vocabulary:
seven   שבע  famine  רעב cow  פרה  spies   מרגלים  old   זקן
cooperation   שִׁתּוּף פְּעֻלָּה  team   קְבוּצָה  get to know   להכיר  courtesy    דרך ארץ  respect    כָּבוֹד  stick   מַקֵּל  bus   אוֹטוֹבּוּס  boss   נִהֵל  coffee   קָפֶה  baby  תִּינוֹק
Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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