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11 Dec

We are so proud of the Keshet children for their AMAZING performance in this year’s Chanukah production. They worked so hard on rehearsals, channeling their inner Madonna! (Of course none of them actually know who Madonna is…and now I feel really old!) Clearly all of their hard work paid off!
This week’s Parhsa is Parashat Miketz – 
Pharaoh had two dreams. In one dream he saw seven thin cows eat seven fat cows. In the second dream he saw seven thin ears of grain eat seven fat ears of grain. No one know what these dreams meant. The king’s butler remembered Joseph and his ability to explain dreams. Joseph explained that the dreams mean that there will be seven good years follow by seven years of famine. Joseph become the king’s favorite and was put in charge of Egypt. The famine came to Canaan and Israel sent ten of his sons to Egypt to buy some grain.
They meet Joseph who pretend to be an Egyptian and he tested them. He told them, when  they came back for more food they must bring Benjamin, the youngest son (Joseph’s brother). When they return to Egypt with Benjamin, Joseph hid gold in Benjamin bag making him look like a thief.
Our center activities consisted of reading with Morah Beth. With each story or book that was read the children concentrated on specific skills. Character, setting, details, main idea, cause and effect, as well as making predictions. Children are learning to look beyond the words on the page and focus on important details and concepts introduced.  Morah Limor had 2 different parsha groups for centers. One focused on Parsha  Va-yishlach and the other on Parsha  Va-yeshev. Each child had the opportunity to talk about, write, and illustrated their favorite part of the story.
In this weeks math lesson both math groups worked on Chanukah math. Word problems, number lines, addition and subtraction all revolving around Chanukah!!!
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word “miracle”. Children were asked to write and illustrate two sentences using the word miracle while thinking about the Chanukah story. The second word was “dancer” After learning about Edgar Degas and the “Little Dancer” children were asked to come up with two sentences and an illustration expressing some of what they had learned. It’s amazing to see the information they are holding on to!
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on -sh and -ch words. Activities were provided through their spelling books as well as a fun Hanukkah word activity. Children were given the phrase “It’s Hanukkah Time” and asked to come up with as many words as possible using the letters from the phrase. 
For Social Studies, we are continuing a fantastic art unit. this week we learned about Edgar Degas. The story we read was called “Little Dancer” and it taught the children about Edgar’s personality. What he liked to draw, and with what medium. They also learned about why he changed his medium from chalk to sculpting. Their “Little Dancer’s” will be making an appearance at the Art Show!
For this week’s holiday crafts, the class made a delicious Chanukah dreidel snack. we made a healthier snack using fig newtons and a pretzel stick.  We were also reading lots of Chanukah stories. One of the favorites was “The Flying Latke”. We also had a wonderful surprise for the children. On Chanukah we use oil, so we decided to make our own. With the olives that were brought in, the children pounded and squeezed, and we ended up with some olive oil!!! If we are not stomping grapes we are smashing olives for an experience and a lesson that will not soon be forgotten!
Rather than begin a new Open Circle lesson, we reviewed “speaking up” as well as the other skills we have been developing. Classroom behaviors/expectations, how to be a good listener (SLL), non-verbal signals, giving and receiving compliments, including one another, DD behaviors, cooperating with others, when to tell and adult , when to deal with a situation on your own and how to handle these situations. The children understand that these are all skills that can and should be used at school as well as at home. 
We ended our day with a beautiful Whole School Tefillah, where the Ilanot students helped guide the Keshet class through the tefillot and Hallel. We then had a wonderful celebration alongside the Ilanot class. They invited us for pizza bagels!!! We had a lovely Kabbalat Shabbat with them and shared our olive oil.  🙂

 Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!
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