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08 Dec

Morning Meeting:  
With the new year rapidly approaching we have been thinking about our own “resolutions”. We talked about the fact that it is not only important for us to want to make positive changes for ourselves, but that it is also so important to wish the best for others as well. Each family received star cutouts and were asked to put a “wish” they have for others (family, friends, world, etc…). Stars will be displayed outside the Keshet classroom. 
Open Circle: 
We began our week with an Open Circle lesson on “Speaking Up”. Children were asked what it means to speak up, and then asked why it was so important. Not only did they know that “speaking up” means using a strong voice, but they also knew that it means to stand up or defeat someone who may not be treated well. Children each had an opportunity , with the use of a microphone made of tinfoil, to demonstrate how to properly speak up! Ask your child to teach you the 4 important steps necessary to successfully speak up. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Groups 
Reading groups are continuing to develop at an amazing rate. Children are reading and working independently and with teacher instruction. I am so pleased and PROUD to see that each week growth occurs! Keep on reading!!!!!
Math Centers: 
Things 1 completed their unit on shapes and began a new unit on patterning. They discovered that there are many ways to create patterns, using a variety of different manipulatives, shapes, colors, sizes, etc.
Things 2 completed the unit on “ordinal numbers” and began one on “greater than, less than. They learned the meaning of these terms as well as how to visually represent the words with symbols. 
This week we studied the human heart. 
Ask your children…
What does the heart do? pumps blood and oxygen throughout the body.
How does the circulatory system connect to the heart?
What do veins do?- carry blood to the heart
What do arteries do? – carry blood away from the heart
What is the blood’s job is to bring oxygen to every part of your body. 
How many chambers of the heart are there? 4
Children were provided with a handout, that shows what the human heart looks like, as well the arteries that are connected. They each had the opportunity to feel the difference in their heartbeat for resting and non-resting activities, and they got to listen to my (moral Beth) heartbeat. 
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 learned the words /if/, /look/, and /can/. Though a variety of exercises (writing, coloring, playdoh, wiki six, etc.) the children had the opportunity to practice these words. 
Things 2 learned about /sh/ and/ch/ words this week. They are provided with a variety of activities within their spelling books, that allow them to use a multitude of methods to learn. 
Writing centers went beautifully this week. From stamping spelling words and words that rhyme with them, Starfall Reading, Rhyming Trains, and of course a continuation on “How To” writing. Much like during math centers, the children are placed into small groups for these activities. While one group is receiving specific instruction the others are rotating through the centers. These centers will continue until each group has had the opportunity to complete them as well as their How To book. 
Judaic/Hebrew :
We happily ended the week with a yummy cooking activity. The children made a delicious kugel, to take home, in order to help celebrate Shabbat! We hope you all enjoy! 
Parsha :
Vayeshev: we watched the godcast.  Our coke and pepsi included the teams: Jacob and Joseph.  We acted out: dream on baby! don’t lie and falsely calumniate someone! Reuben and Yehuda (stop and think before acting!)! Our role play included the roles: Joseph, Reuven, Judah, all the rest of the brothers, God, Ishmaelites, Potiphar’s wife, the cupbearer and the baker.  The props included a coat of many colors and ketchup.  The children built large jails with elaborate cafeterias for Joseph, the baker and the cupbearer — out of blocks and legos.  We watched part of the musical: Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.
We are deep into talking about Chanuka with its associated mitzvot, songs and brachot. We are also practicing for our part in the Chanuka show, with lots of Jerusalem-related material.  

stripes   פסים    dream   חֲלוֹם  blood   דָּם  pit   בּוֹר  jail   בית סוהר

Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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