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09 Dec

We have had another wonderful week, filled with lots of learning, social skills, and CHANUKAH songs and dances 🙂

In science we continued our Human Body Unit with the skeletal system. Children watched a short video on bones and how skeletons work. We then discussed what would happen to your body if you didn’t have bones? The 3 jobs of the bones – (keep you standing upright, help your body move, and produce cells)
axel bones (helps keep you upright)
apendicular (help you move)
joints (connect bones to help move
What bones are made of? (calcium)
What are the smallest bones in your body? (in the ear)
What is a fracture? (When there is a crack in the bone.)
Can bones fox themselves? Why would we need a cast?
Hebrew vocabulary continues to flow freely throughout the classroom. In addition to the previously mentioned vocabulary (body parts, left/right, run, walk, etc..) Things 2 have been given their 4th spelling list. Their new words are…
previous words are as follows…
Year     שָׁנָה   good      טוֹב    me   אֲנִי    Say    אָמַר    Life    חַיִּים   Shofar   שׁוֹפָר   Apple   תַּפּוּחַ  honey  דְּבַשׁ   eat    אָכַל   water    מַיִם   water    שָׁטַף   drink   שָׁתָה   write   כָּתַב      sentence  מִשְׁפָּט   happy   שָׂמֵחַ   baby fish    דָּגִיג   fish     דָּג    ice cream  גְּלִידָה   teacher    מוֹרֶה    child     יֶלֶד soup  מָרָק house  בַּיִת; grass  דֶּשֶׁא; shirt  חֻלְצָה ; squirrel   סְנָאִי ; painting  ציור ; Israel   יִשְׂרָאֵל; love  אָהַב ; kippah  כיפה ; clown  לֵיצָן    create    ברא   sky    שָׁמַיִם   earth   אֶרֶץ    light   אוֹר   darkness  חֹשֶׁךְ no   לֹא   can  יָכֹל   pants   מִכְנָסַיִם    notebook  מַחְבֶּרֶת   wear  לָבַשׁ   fruit  פְּרִי    red   אָדֹם   hair   אָדֹם   tomato   עַגְבָנִיָּה letters    אוֹת     lions   אַרְיֵה     there and here    שם    Alphabet    אָלֶפְבֵּית    flag   דֶּגֶל cake   עוּגָה    small   קָטָן    big   גָּדוֹל    movie  סֶרֶט   you   אַתָּה, אַתְּ   band aid    פְּלַסְטֶר  heart   לֵב   eye   עַיִן   ear/s   אֹזֶן   see  רָאָה
New words: house   בַּיִת  help  עֶזְרָה  know   יָדַע  six   שֵׁשׁ  basketball  כַּדּוּרְסַל  boy   בֵּן  horse  סוּס
Reading groups are consisted of the rotations where children each had the opportunity to listen to a story online, read in a group with me, and work independently on decoding and the specific skill that went along with their story. This week children heard “Catching the Moon”
This weeks sight words (things 1) and and have. While Spelling words (things 2) focused on /st/ words
Things 2 are also continuing to review nouns and verbs. They were introduced to singular vs. plural nouns as well…
This week in math the Things 1 began the week with a fun review of shapes by playing with pattern blocks. They were provided with designs to create in three different ways. First with a color sheet, second with just the outline of shapes, and third with just an outer outline where they had to work in a team to fill in the middle correctly. After their designs were completed they were asked to point out shapes, such as hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, square, and triangle. 
Things 2 began  the week by taking a cumulative assessment on the skills learned thus far. And they all did very well!!!! They also started a very complex math unit. Adding by making a ten. There are a few steps to follow in order to solve equations in this manner. To start out, children need to make a number bond and the “peanut” that will help make a ten. After making the ten they can then add the ones together. Ask your child to show you how to solve 9+4= by making a ten!
parshaVayeitze: We watched the godcast and the Alpha Beta video.  We read the books: Jacob, Where does God Live, Alligator Wedding, Max and Ruby at the Warthogs’ Wedding, and The Scarecrows’ Wedding.  We decorated our Sulam Yakov (Jacob’s ladder) very elaborately, with diverse & glittery angels and streamers.  We did our role play, including the characters: Yakov, Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, Zilpa, Lavan, God, and 12 Babies between the 4 women; plus the rock starring as — the pillow for Jacob’s head.  We sang Siman Tov ve Mazel Tov for each and every wedding and the birth of each of the 12 babies, and we also sang “Ufaratzta”, as the words for this song come directly from this verse:  Genesis 28: 14.  Ask your children to sing the song…faster and faster, and point at west, east, north and south (yama, veKedma, Tzafona, veNegba) as they are singing.  We discussed one of the central themes of this week’s parsha: “God was here — and, this, I did not know it”, spoken by Jacob upon awakening from his dream that included the ladder.  We discussed how important it is to push our personal  “pause” button a few times every day, to notice God’s presence wherever and whenever it is.

Parsha Vocabulary:
stone  אֶבֶן  ladder  סֻלָּם  clothes   בגדים  gate   שַׁעַר  pretty, nice  יָפֶה
Question for next week, VaYishlach: what does the reconciliation between Yakov and Esau look like? Act it out, after reading verses Genesis Chapter 33 verses 3 – 4.
Shabbat Shalom
Beth and Miriam 🙂
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