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04 Dec

The Keshechildren all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were eager to share their experiences upon returning to school. 
Circle time consisted of Days of the week, months or the year, date, days of school, and colors in both English and Hebrew.  During Tefillah time we have been working on our Siddur Ceremony, which consists of all of our Tefillot! The children can’t wait until January to show off all they have learned and get their very own siddurim!
We also had the honor of going to whole School Tefillah to watch the 2nd graders have their first Aliyah!
Our center activities consisted of a writing/math activity from Thanksgiving. Children were asked to write 2-3 complete sentences, telling about what they did over the Thanksgiving break. A complete sentence means they needed a complete thought, an uppercase in the beginning, and an end mark. There was also guided reading with Morah Beth, where children focused on different Language Arts skills depending on the story they read. One group talked about problems and solutions, another worked on story sequence, another characters and setting and the last group worked on the challenge of cause and effect.  There was also a parsha project where the children made Joseph and his colored coat, and of course Hebrew with Morah Limor, where the children have begun to learn the brachot for Chanukah. 
In this weeks math lesson the first grade worked on addition and subtraction by making a ten. As adults this is something that we automatically do, however this is a new and somewhat tricky strategy for the children to learn. Kindergarten children are learning about  2 and 3-dimensional shapes as well as their properties. Ask you children the names of the shapes they learned. (sphere, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism, and cone(, and circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and hexagon.) Ask  how many sides each shape has. 
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the word “popular” The children learned about Andy Warhol and how he wanted to be popular, famous and rich. They also learned why he called his artwork “pop-art”.
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on double final consonants. Children have been working in their spelling books as well as at home with some fun and hands on activities. 
For Social Studies, we have begun our Art unit. We will be studying famous artists, observe their works of art, and learn about some of the strategies and techniques they used. Then the children were given similar materials and asked to replicate one of their most famous works. this week we studied the artwork of Andy Warhol. The children were shown photographs of Campbell’s Soup Can and a pop art technique. They then had the opportunity to create their own “Warhol’s”. Ask your child how Pop-Art got it’s name? what did Andy Warhol want more than anything? What did he like to draw? We also learned about Degas. We read “Little Dancer” and then the children created their own chalk illustrations of dancers. 
For this week’s Judaic craft, the class made an illustration of Joseph and his colored coat. Children worked so hard on these amazing pictures! They also created absolutely stunning, free floating chanukiot. Each child received 9 glass candle holders, and decorated each one as part of their chanukiah. The shamash was decorated differently and is higher than the rest. They will surely glow beautifully in their windows this Chanukah. 
This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on ” Speaking Up”. With our Chanukah play and the Siddur Ceremony rapidly approaching and rehearsals in full swing this unit came at the perfect time. Children were taught to…
* look at the group
* Speak slow
* Speak clear
* Speak loud enough
Using our rehearsals we have been able to put our ‘speaking up” into full effect. Please help your child by practicing their lines with them at home while implementing these new skills. 
 Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!
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