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20 Nov

The Keshet class had a week full of Thanksgiving, turkeys, Mayflowers, Pilgrims, Indians, and much more!!!!!We are all very excited for Thanksgiving and be prepared for a treat coming to the blog soon! We also had a very exciting computer class with Morah Betty. Kindergarteners worked on developing their literacy skills by using a reading program online. This required them to read along as well as listen to the story. 1st graders began a coding program!!!! If you are interested in doing this at home feel free to log on to www.code.org . We would also like to thank  Kitah Hay for coming in and teaching us a fun Hebrew song!

Circle time consisted of Days of the week, months or the year, date, days of school, and colors in both English and Hebrew. On Monday morning the class was introduced to this week’s Parsha, Va-yetze. We learned that Jacob runs away from his home and travels to stay with Rebecca’s family. At night, he fall asleep and used a rock as his pillow. He has a dream and in his dream he sees angels going up and down a ladder. He heard G-d talking to him and G-d promised that he would protect him.

Jacob’s continued his journey and on the way, meet a girl name Rachel. They fell in love and he wanted to marry her. Laban agreed to the marriage but under one condition.  Jacob would have to work for him for 7 years. Jacob was very excited.

After 7 years, Jacob was ready to merry Rachel but found out that Laban tricked him. The bride at the wedding is Leah (Leah is Rachel older sister) not Rachel. Jacob still wanted to marry Rachel and agreed to stay and work for Laban for another 7 years. Jacob’s family grows. He has two wives and many children.

He owns many sheep and Cattle and is ready to leave Laban and return to Canaan.

Questions of the week:

1)     What did Jacob pour on the rock?  Answer: Oil

2)     What did he name the place that G-d spoke to him? Answer: Beth – El

Our center activities consisted of reading with Morah Beth followed by a writing activity that focused on a specific skill that was focused on. Each reading level focused on a different skill. Main idea, telling sentences, predictions, and cause and effect, and nouns, were the topics covered. Ask your child which one they learned about this week! They also worked on a Thanksgiving writing activity where they share their favorite part of the holiday and then decorated it like a turkey. Morah Limor had her Hebrew group and also a canter where the children got to create Jacob’s Ladder.
In this weeks math lesson the first grade worked on numbers to 20. Completing addition equations, counting backwards, and greater than less than. Kindergarten also worked on backwards counting as well as using number lines and finding the missing numbers. They were also exposed to fact families with simple addition equations.

This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words “Pilgrim” and “Indian” Children were asked to think about the stories they heard and the things they learned about the Pilgrims and Indians in order to come up with their 2 sentences and illustrations.

Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on words with /st/. Some of the words began with this blend and others ended with it. children are also given “special words for writing” or sight words to learn and are quizzed on them on Friday’s. Once children are quizzed on their spelling words they are expected to use them correctly in their writing. kindergarten children are consistently exposed to sight words that have been provided for them on the back of their homework logs.

For Social Studies we began our Thanksgiving unit. We learned all about the Thanksgiving story. Who the Pilgrims were. Where they started from and why they were leaving their homes. What were they looking for and how did they get there? What were the names of the two ships that set sail? When they got to the new land was it what they expected? What did they have to do? What types of struggles did they face? Be sure to ask your children who Massasoit, Samoset, and Squanto were. Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite units to cover. The class spent a great deal of time talking about and acting out how to be tankful and how to treat people. This ties in very nicely to our Open Circle curricula. The children also  made placemats for the Thanksgiving table that share what they are thankful for.

For this week’s Judaic craft, the class made a Jacob out of rocks. Be sure to ask them the connection of why they made Jacob out of a rock!

This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on ” Recognizing Differences” children learned that we share differences on the outside as well as the inside. the children were asked to look around the circle and provide examples of differences they were able to see. Hair, eyes, skin, height, gender, etc were talked about. Then they were asked to name some differences that they could not see. Special talents, feelings, things they liked, languages that are spoken, or what others like. We then went around the circle and each child had to complete this sentence. “something you can’t tell by looking at me is_________.” Children were reminded that we can not tell what a person is like just by looking at them and just because they look a particular way does not mean or bad or mean person or good and nice. 

We will not be in school this Wednesday therefor there will be no Wacky Wednesday. December 2nd we will be getting wacky with SPECTACLE DAY!!!! Get some specs (regular glasses, or sunglasses) and decorate them in a wacky way!!!

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

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