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17 Nov

What a fun way to begin the week…. moral Miriam played a fabulous song, with great energy,  that Dar and Sophie M. were able to help teach us. The song is called Irvi Anochi  and here is the link. 🙂  
Morning Meeting:  
This week Morning meeting was led by Hillel, who helped us determine the day, month, year, # of school days, skip counting by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s,  and the weather. יישר כחך Hillel!
Open Circle:
We began our Monday morning with a review of Double D behaviors and when to tell a an adult. Our next Open Circle unit ties into this directly….Tattling….  If a child approaches a teacher or adult, before talking to the person they are having a problem with, it is considered tattling. 
The children heard a story about tattling and were then asked if they had ever been tattled on or tattled someone else. We talked about how if felt to have someone who wasn’t involved in their situation to go to a grown up without giving them the chance to talk about their problem. Children are all encouraged to communicate with one another using the “I feel ” sentence. They are also working on allowing the people involved in the situation to handle it on their won. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Groups 
The new reading log has certainly broadened our horizons on how reading can be done! From bathtub reading, to reading under the covers with a flashlight, or reading to our pets or stuffed animals. The children seemed to have a great time exploring the many new options presented to them!
Our reading groups are continuing to shift. Children are really growing with leaps and bounds!!!! Each group reads together, completed their reading packet to corresponds to their book, and then re-read independently. Teachers (Morah Miriam, Ms. Ball, and myself) are rotating throughout these groups to listen to reading and offer support with the work that follows. Some skills that have been addressed this week are as follows; sequential order, characters, setting, main idea and details. Children in some groups also learned about quotation marks, 
Math Centers: 
Things 1 began working on basic addition. Using a small box with a divider, and flower counters, children shook their counters around and write the addition equation they saw. if one side of the box held 3 counters and the other held 3 the equations would look like this…
2+3=5    3+2=5
Things 1 also began a unit on 3 dimensional shapes. cylinders, cones, cubes, spheres, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms and even a hexagonal prism!!!! Children learned which of these shapes can slide and stack, and why they can do this. This vocabulary is new to them as well as faces and vertices. 
Things 2 used the same activity, however they were expected to create a number bond and fact family with the box and counters. They were also introduced to the 3 dimensional shapes, however continued to work on number bonds (finding the missing part)  fact families, and addition/subtraction within 10 (word problems that ask them to determine how to solve).
After completing their book work, Things 2 had math centers to choose from. 3 In A Row Addition, or creating turkeys from patter blocks or tangrams. 
Social Studies:
Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and we are learning about when and why this holiday came to be. children have been reading age/level appropriate books in their reading groups that talk about Thanksgiving in a variety of ways. They have also heard, through a read-a-loud time, stories that teach some of the important facts about the holiday. Ask your children some of the following questions…
How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Who were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving?  The Wampanoag
Where did the Wampanoag live? an area that is now Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
How were their homes different from ours? Theirs were called WETUS, were round and made of wood and bark.
Who was the tribe leader? Massasoit
Who were the settlers and how did they come?  A group of about 100 English Pilgrims. They arrived on the Mayflower (which we will learn more about next week.)
What happened when Massasoit went to see the settlers with Tisquantum? They signed a peace treaty and Tisquantum stayed with the Pilgrims and showed them how to grow crops. 
Why was this important? Because the settlers wouldn’t have had food to survive.
What were the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims celebrating with the feast?  a successful harvest and the friends they had made.
What are some differences/similarities we share with the settlers from long ago?
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 had a review of former sight words, but were also introduced to the words; /by/, /no/, and /not/.  Children are strongly encouraged to review these words for a few minutes daily. Some fun ways to review words are ; rainbow writing, writing in flour, sugar, salt, sand, or shaving cream. Writing letters on someones back or air writing are also fun ways to learn and remember the words. Most importantly have fun with it!!!!
Things 2 began focusing on new letter combinations. /cl/, /fl/, and /sl/ words were given on Monday morning. 
In writing we have been learning about “persuasive writing”. The children were asked to think about something they want but have been told they can not have. They then had to give two reasons why they wanted it, and HOW it would benefit them. Some children are looking for more recess, more iPad time, more vacations, or more time with a special person. After completion their requests were placed in an envelope and delivers to the appropriate person. 
Seeing as how writing develop at different times for different children, not everyone was expected to complete this task. Centers such as, Thanksgiving writing (making a turkey and saying what we are thankful for on the feathers), or developing use of capitalization/punctuation, are provided for children. Like any other subject it is important for each child’s specific needs to be met, and as we are all aware, that will look different for different children. Be sure to ask your child what center activity they completed this week. 
Judaic/Hebrew :
This week’s Tefillah was led by Caleb and Sophie M. 
Parshat Toldot: we made lentil soup! It was fun and delicious.  To prepare — we watched the Toldot godcast and afterwards, did our role play.  The parts were: God, Yitzhak, Rivka, Jacob, Esau.  We talked about — and acted out — the themes of sibling rivalry, parental favoritism, parental blessing, eavesdropping, lying, jealousy, hunting, and Torah study.  We have listened to the Parsha-related music: Stir it Up and Brothers and Sisters.  We have also integrated themes of Thanksgiving on the “Hebrew side”, by talking about gratitude — where it appears in our prayers, what we are grateful for (in Hebrew), etc.  Finally, we are preparing for the Hanuka show and our theme is: Jerusalem! 
Parsha Vocabulary:
twins   תְּאוֹם  lentils   עֲדָשָׁה  neck   צַוָּאר   hunt   צָד   heel   עָקֵב
Machberet Vocabulary:
These are vocabulary words that have been given since the beginning of the year. Children choose their vocal words and they are worked into classroom conversation as often as possible. Be sure to review and practice  with your children!
Here are the children’s choice of words from the beginning of the year!!!
bathing suit   בֶּגֶד יָם  waves   גַּל  surfboard   גַּלְשָׁן  sand   חוֹל  sunscreen   קְרֶם שִׁזּוּף  toys   צַעֲצוּעַ  basket   סַל  fish   דָּג  chair  כִּסֵּא   sun   שֶׁמֶשׁ  elephant    פִּיל  
queen   מַלְכָּה  king   מֶלֶךְ  teacher   מוֹרֶה  heart   לֵב  fun   כֵּיף  turtle   צָב  ball    כַּדּוּר water   מַיִם  balloon  בָּלוֹן  chicken  תַּרְנְגֹלֶת  pig  חֲזִיר  bathtub   אַמְבַּטְיָה          bathroom   שֵׁרוּתִים  book   סֵפֶר  enough   מַסְפִּיק   people  אנשים  kippa  כיפה         apple  תַּפּוּחַ  clouds   עָנָן  honey   דְּבַשׁ  name   שֵׁם  person   אִישׁ  place  מָקוֹם
ghost   שֵׁד  there  שָׁם  portion  פרשת השבוע  car  אוֹטוֹ rainbow  קֶשֶׁת  flower   פֶּרַח
To go along with our Parshah the children made Lentil soup… It was a hit…(with some of them) See the recipe below…
 – Fry some onions and garlic and green peppers (all chopped)

 – Throw in five cups water with broth; 1 cup lentils; a potato and a carrot and a stalk of celery (all chopped); lots of curry powder; basil.
– Bring to boil. Then turn down to simmer. Cover. Cook two hours or so.

 – At some point (after 1 hour) throw in a cup or two of Newman sauce of your liking.

Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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