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13 Nov

Another wonderful week in the Keshet class!!! Last Friday we were at a wonderful Veteran’s Day program, led by Ms. Murray. We sang out Yankee Doodle song with pride for the whole school and some visiting veteran’s. On Wednesday, Nurse Carolyn who served in the US Coast Guard, Morot, Amalya, Limor, Shlomit, and Lilach who served in the Israeli Army, and Morah Jacqui who has spent the past two summers volunteering with the IDF in a variety of capacities received a special card with a Veteran’s Day poem. We thank them and everyone else for their love and commitments to the United States and Israel!!!

Circle time consisted of Days of the week, months or the year, date, days of school, and colors in both English and Hebrew. On Monday morning the class was introduced to this week’s Parsha, Toldot. We learned that Isaac and Rebekah got married but felt there something missing. Isaac Prayed to G-d and Rebekah became pregnant Esau, and Jacob. When Jacob was born he was holding onto Esau’s heel (In Hebrew Akev).

Esau and Jacob had very different interests. One day when Esau got back from his hunting and was very hungry he noticed that Jacob was cooking a delicious soup. Jacob made Esau give him his firstborn right before giving him the soup.

Isaac wanted to give Esau a special blessing. He calls Esau and asks him to go and hunt for him upon his return Isaac promised to give his the special blessing

Rebekah’s favorite son was Jacob and she wanted him to receive the special blessing. As soon as Esau went out to hunt Rebekah and Jacob tricked Isaac. Jacob pretended to be Esau and got the blessing. When Esau return he find out that Jacob received his blessing he was furious. Rebekah is scared for Jacobs’s life and asks Jacob to leave as soon as possible and stay with her brother Lavan until Esau calms down.

Parasha Questions:

Do you remember someone else in the bible who wanted children? Who was that?

What did Esau look like? What did he like to do? What did Jacob look like? What did he like to do?

How Jacob did received the birth right?

How did Rebekah ask Jacob to do?

Our center activities consisted of guided reading with Morah Beth, Hebrew with Morah Limor, as well as a winter themed picture. Children used black paper with different white medium to create a wintery page. After completing their illustration, they worked on a “winter writing” activity, in which they talked about some of their favorite winter activities. The last center was creating Jacob and Esau out of cardboard rolls to tie into this week’s Parsha.
In this weeks math lesson the first grade worked on a review of number bonds and an introduction to ordinal numbers. Kindergarten focused on number recognition with numerals, and written numbers. They also focused on missing numbers.

Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on /cl/, /fl/, /sl/ consonant blends. Kindergarten is continuing to expand their sight word knowledge as well. All children develop the reading/spelling skills through a variety of fun activities that strengthen their vocabulary.

This week’s Science theme was “winter”.We talked about the changes in temperature, as well as the visual changes that can be seen.  Children created snowflakes out of paper, completed winter illustrations/writings and even created a winter acrostic poem.

For this week’s Judaic craft, the class made a delicious chicken soup! Second period Friday morning the chopping began. By 4th period the smell had all of us salivating, and by 5th period our tummies were quite happy 🙂 We also made beautiful silk challah covers with the help of Morah Betty!

This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on “teasing” Ask your children how they feel when they are teased? What makes a teasing situation worse? What makes it better? Is teasing a DD (dangerous or destructive) behavior? We learned that teasing can definitely be a DD behavior and we talked about techniques that may help a teasing situation.

Going along with the open circle curriculum we are continuing to talk about differences. Next week we will begin a self-portrait project. We talked about our external features and how they are so different. “If you have brown eyes, are you going to show green eyes on your portrait?” Of course the children said no. We also talked about hair color and how we could match that with the colored medium we will be using. We then talked about skin color and how that can be more challenging to match. We noticed that nobody in the class has the same color skin and no ones skin was simply white or brown or black. The children were somewhat surprised to hear this, until I got out white, brown, and black paint and painted my hand. It took a mixture of colors to even come close to my skin color. We also talked about the fact that our skin color is something we are born with and not something that can be changed by our actions. Eating or drinking too much will not change our skin, being mean will not change our skin, smoking will not change our skin. We did talk about the fact that the sun can change the shade of our skin a bit, but that it goes back to its original color once we are consistently out of the sun. Next week the children will have a chance to use paint colors to “match ” their skin color and we will use those matched in our self-portraits.  (Which by the way, will be for sale at our Art Show on January 28th :)…Sorry I had to plug it!

This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words “snow” and “tease”. Children were asked to use each word in 2 complete sentences and then illustrate their writings.

NEXT WEEK WACKY WEDNESDAY is CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!!!! (My personal favorite!!!)

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

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